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7 Best Electric Knife Sharpener, Food Reviews In 2022

Electric Knife Sharpener

7 Best Electric Knife Sharpener, Food Reviews In 2022

Knives are one of the most reached-for tools in the kitchen, which is why it’s so important to have a sharp blade on hand. But after a few months of continual use, even top-of-the-line knives can start to dull. While you could take them to a sharpening shop or a specialty cookware store, it’s much more cost-effective to invest in a knife sharpener, so you can sharpen your favorite blades any time you like.

There are many types of knife sharpeners, ranging from manual machines to simple sharpening stones to ceramic rods, but we find that electric knife sharpeners are the easiest way to sharpen your knives from home. These high-tech gadgets will make the dullest blades razor-sharp again with just the push of a button.

All-electric knife sharpeners may be built to bring dull blades back to life, but some work best on specific blade types like ceramic or Japanese-style knives, while others are programmed to sharpen numerous blade types and sizes. Certain options can even sharpen kitchen shears or tools like screwdrivers or clippers, in addition to your knives.

7 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners, Food Reviews In 2022

To help you figure out which model is right for your kitchen, we turned to customers who have bought and used these electric knife sharpeners for themselves. Each item detailed on the list below has both near-perfect ratings and countless rave reviews explaining why they are worth the money.

From a professional-grade electric knife sharpener to an affordable model and an option that is super easy to use for beginners, these 10 electric knife sharpeners will keep your knives in tip-top shape.



The 15 trizor is listed as the best sharpener made by the chef’s choice. Its edge select, 3-stage sharpening system (also known as “V-shaped V”), provides users with the optimal and flexible angle. Thanks to the completely diamond abrasives incorporated in stages 1 and 2, it will have a preliminary result. The third stage comes with a high-quality flexible abrasive that gives the final polishing.

This better sacaplide offers great performance, causing its knives even sharper than a new knife due to its 20-degree angle dedicated for conventional domestic use and 15 degree designed to sharpen.

If time is what is always worried, this sharpener is the correct choice for him, since it will give his knife an excellent sharpness in a very short time. How fast could it be? Surprisingly, after merely 5 or 7 times, it will have a sharp blade.


BRAND: Chef’s Choice
WEIGHT: 4.19 Pounds
SIZE: 3-Stage


  • 2 stages with 100% diamond abrasives
  • Handles both straight edge and serrated blades
  • Built in excellent and super-sharp 15-degree XV sharpening technology
  • Comes with 3-stage sharpening V-shaped slot
  • Made in USA


  • It is rather pricey



If your knives are made of stainless steel or ceramics, then this better Shenzhen electric sharpener is definitely for you. To begin with, the price of this product is very attractive for those who have a tight budget. But that does not mean that the product is of low quality. On the contrary, it comes with many outstanding features while requesting a very small space in your kitchen.

There are two stages in this product, both of which have a diamond grinding stone with two configurations, fine grain # 800 and thick grain # 600. Thanks to the diamond sharpening stone built in the sharpener, it can make your Bored knives are as sharp as factories.


BRAND: Shenzhen Knives
COLOR: White
MATERIAL: Diamond Sharpening Wheel
GRIT TYPE: Fine, Coarse
WEIGHT: 1.91 Pounds
SIZE: 2-Stage


  • Two slots make sure flawless sharpening
  • Can work with battery, so you can carry the sharpener around the house
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • The device can sharpen even the blade of 1mm thickness
  • A great device to learn how to sharpen a knife
  • Ideal for blades made of ceramic and stainless steel


  • Not a right choice for commercial use



If you are considering an inexpensive electric knife sharpener, look no further. Here we have the solution for you. This best electric knife sharpener from Secura not only helps you save electricity but is also moderately priced. It can also be used for both home and professional use. If you are a starter then it is very suitable for you too.

The first stage of the sharpener takes care of sharpening the edge and reshaping the angle of the blade, while the second stage helps to polish the blade and make it shine as if it were a new one.


BRAND: Secura
COLOR: Black/White
WEIGHT: 2.57 Pounds
SIZE: 2-Stage


  • Top-rated automatic knife sharpener
  • The most budget-friendly device
  • Comes with an excellent and quick sharpening process
  • Takes up too little space
  • Can be stored with ease
  • Comes with the suction cups for ensuring stability


  • Designed for only non-serrated kitchen knives



Sometimes what we do need is a simple electric knife sharpener that can solve the most basic problem: perfectly sharpen our knives. That is why Presto 0880 EverSharp Sharpener is featured on this list. It can handle almost all kinds of straight knives, from kitchen knives to sports knives.

The best electric knife sharpener comes with a 2-stage sharpening system. The first stage is responsible for sharpening the dull knives so that your knives can slice and chop food with ease. Like many 2-stage sharpeners, this device also has a second stage with a similar function: it smooths the edge and polishes it.


BRAND: Presto
COLOR: Black
GRIT TYPE: Fine, Coarse
WEIGHT: 2.85 Pounds
SIZE: 2-Stage


  • User-friendly
  • Comes at affordable price
  • Top-rated
  • Made in China
  • Provides users with flawless sharpening within short time
  • Stylish appearance


  • It cannot handle serrated knives



What do you think of a device that can handle both knives and tools? This versatile sharpener can handle many types of tools, including shovels, scissors, axes, and other indoor and outdoor tools. When it comes to knives, the sharpener can work well with all kinds of knives, even the ones that normal devices can’t handle.

Thanks to the abrasive belts, this device can make its edges as sharp as those of a new knife. Belts can be replaced with many grains, including Fine (6000), Coarse (P80), and Medium (P220). While the thick belt is designed for heavy-duty sharpening work, the medium belt is responsible for overall sharpening.

Finally, the thin belt serves as the final step in the sharpening process so that your knife or tool can be sharp like the ones that factories handle.


BRAND: Work Sharp
COLOR: Black
MATERIAL: Synthetic
GRIT TYPE: Fine, Coarse, Medium
WEIGHT: 1.9 Pounds
POWER SOURCE: Hand Powered


  • High-grade
  • Uses excellent abrasive belt technology
  • Able to sharpen all kinds of knives and tools
  • The sharpening process is fast and easy
  • Equipped with angle guides


  • Suitable for starters



The following article is ideal for those who have straight and serrated knives. This PriorityChef knife sharpener is designed with two-stage sharpening wheels, which makes it different from other 3-stage devices on the market.

The sharpener is easy to use so you won’t be disappointed. Surprisingly, you don’t have to spend a hundred bucks on new sets of blades once you have this sharpener. Not to mention, the item is reasonably priced that those on a tight budget can easily have one for their kitchen.


BRAND: Priority Chef
COLOR: Black, Chrome, Silver
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
GRIT TYPE: Fine, Coarse
WEIGHT: 0.55 Pounds


  • Comes with non-slip cushion at the bottom of the sharpener
  • User-friendly and versatile
  • Comes at a very reasonable price
  • High-quality knife sharpener
  • Wheels made of diamond and ceramic to ensure fast sharpening
  • Famous for lightness and compactness
  • Ideal for straight and serrated knives


  • Suitable for kitchen knives only



When it comes to speed, this Electric Knife Sharpener from EdgeKeeper is second to none. It can give you a fine-edged knife in just a few seconds. In addition, the device is compact and efficient thanks to a state-of-the-art two-stage process.

The blade guides work effectively to position the knife at the perfect sharpening angle, so you can achieve the best results with this device. Also, the device comes with a detachable magnet that can catch all the metal parts, and therefore you can maintain and clean the sharpener with ease.

The electric knife sharpener is compact and easy to use. Coming with diamond-coated sharpening wheels, the device is believed to be perfect for almost all American or European-style kitchen knives that are made of carbon steel or stainless steel.


BRAND: EdgeKeeper
WEIGHT: 2.89 Pounds


  • Comes with a detachable magnet to catch metal pieces left
  • Non-slip Silicone Feet
  • Compact and user-friendly
  • Enduring and easy to clean


  • Some customers say that the device provides users with only basic functions

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Electric Knife Sharpener
Electric Knife Sharpener

What is the best electric knife sharpener?

These are the best electric knife sharpeners to buy:
Best-Rated: Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener.
Best Professional-Grade Option: Chef’s Choice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Knife Sharpener.
Best for Different Blade Sizes: Presto Professional Electric Knife Sharpener.

Are electric knife sharpeners bad for knives?

Most single-stage electric knife sharpeners (especially “free” sharpeners built into the back of electric can openers) damage knives. They use harsh abrasives which throw sparks (indicating the edge is overheated), remove too much metal, and can gouge knives.

Is an electric sharpener better?

Electric knife sharpeners are user-friendly and speedy, generally offering multiple sharpening options for a variety of blades. The downside is they tend to be more expensive, they require a power source, they are often bulky, and they offer less control.

How often do you need to sharpen knives?

In addition to honing your knives after every 2-4 uses at home, experts recommend having kitchen knives professionally sharpened at least once or twice a year. This prevents blades from becoming too dull, which can be more dangerous than working with a razor-sharp knife!

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