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5 Best Fabulous Lawn Sweepers 2022

Lawn Sweepers

5 Best Fabulous Lawn Sweepers 2022

If you have artificial grass in your garden, porch or terrace, you will know that dust and dirt accumulate quickly without us being able to do much to avoid it. Dust, silica, pet hair, pine needles, walnut leaves, and plum all remain within the lawn’s surface and are not easy to remove if you do not have an artificial grass sweeper.

In this article, you will discover the five best artificial grass combers of 2021: easy-to-use tools that will save you a lot of work and make your artificial grass look new. 

The 5 Best Artificial Turf Combers: Analysis

In this guide to artificial grass sweepers, you will find several types (manual, electric and gasoline), all of them selected for their simplicity of use and their effectiveness. In addition, you can buy the analyzed artificial grass combers at the best price online, comparing the two best-updated prices on the market Lawn Sweepers

1. Garland Roll & Comb 141E Sweeper

Electric (300 W) 🔌 40 cm width Garland Roll & Comb 141E electric artificial grass sweeper allows you to lift and remove all kinds of dirt from your artificial grass (hair, sand, silica, pine needles without any effort. To restore the shiny appearance of the grass in your garden, it has two nylon brushes with 2.5 cm long bristles.

Although it works well in normal conditions (dry grass), the sweeper may operate even more freely if you dampen or slightly wet your lawn before using it. Lawn Sweepers

This Garland electric comber is ideal for artificial grass surfaces of up to 75 m², which you can handle without difficulty thanks to its adjustable handlebar (you can adapt it to your height). Lawn Sweepers

It should be remembered that, although it leaves the grass very beautiful and fulfils its purpose, it may be advisable to complement your purchase with a brush or vacuum cleaner to collect 100% of the waste that can be combed (although you can also collect everything with a broom that you have for home).

If you want to see this Garland electric sweeper in action on artificial grass, check out this short video:

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The best – Lawn Sweepers

  • Value for money
  • Easy to use


  • It is not the lightest (4.8 kg)
  • You will need a vacuum cleaner/brush

Garland Sweeper / Groomer Artificial Grass Roll & Comb 141E 

  • A quality product, Garland brand

2. Karcher S4 Twin Sweeper – Lawn Sweepers

Manual 💪 68 cm width Kärcher S4 Twin manual sweeper for artificial grass will become an excellent ally to collect waste from your garden. Its wide rectangular shape and two large side brushes allow it to quickly sweep dirt from artificial grass, tiles or concrete (the most “typical” case would be pine needles falling to the ground).

Its operation could not be more straightforward: push it across the terrain with both hands comfortably using its height-adjustable handlebar and see how it cleans the areas it passes through. It may be enough for artificial grass (depending on its height) to remove the front brushes and leave the central one. Lawn Sweepers

The Karcher manual sweeper is recommended for large areas (up to 1000 m ² ), where you can slide it comfortably thanks to its wide working width, the folding handlebar (ideal for reducing storage space), and its 20-litre tank where combing dirt is stored. Lawn Sweepers

Suppose you are looking for a more powerful model with better features without losing the quality of the Karcher brand. In that case, the Kärcher S6 battery-powered artificial grass sweeper (its “big sister”) is a fantastic option (although its price is less economical). 

The best – Lawn Sweepers

  • 20-litre collection bag
  • Easy to use on concrete and grass


  • In narrow places and corners, it loses efficiency

Kärcher Manual Sweeper with Two Side Brushes, 2,400 m² / h,

  • Flowering leaves in spring, sand in summer, leaves in autumn or gravel in winter: the practical and ergonomic Kärcher S 4 Twin sweeper ensures splendour in the 
  • With its powerful cylindrical sweeping brush, its two side brushes allow a greater sweep width of 680 millimetres, effortlessly broad surfaces with a Lawn Sweepers

3. Garland Roll & Comb 602QG Gasoline Sweeper

Gasoline (2.95 hp) ⛽ 40 cm width Garland Roll & Comb 602QG Gas Powered Artificial Grass Comber uses a 4-stroke OHV engine with a steel chassis and manual start to leave your artificial grass pristine at a semi-professional level. Lawn Sweepers

Ergonomically, its handlebar is foldable and height-adjustable, while its 45-litre collection bag will allow you to store moss, leaves and other debris as you sweep. Lawn Sweepers

This powerful Garland gasoline-powered artificial grass sweeper is designed for perhaps more professional environment jobs and extensive gardensup to 5000m².

The best – Lawn Sweepers

  • Ideal for demanding use and extensive gardens
  • Great power


  • Low price
  • Maybe too much for small gardens

Garland Comber / Sweeper Artificial Turf Roll & Comb 602 QG-V19

  • Engine 4 times: Garland.
  • Displacement (CC): 212
Lawn Sweepers

4. Gardena Manual Artificial Lawn Sweeper – Lawn Sweepers

Manual 💪 50 cm width Gardena artificial grass comber with wheels allows you to collect leaves and debris from your grass at high-speed thanks to its sweeping mechanism: the height of the sweep is adaptable so that you can adjust it according to the size of your grass. Lawn Sweepers

In addition, it includes a large collection trolley ( 90 litres) for the dirt from the lawn and the leaves that it collects.

Its ergonomics allow its structure to be folded to not occupy anything in your garden shed or storage room where you store it. In short, it is a handy artificial grass sweeper in small and medium gardens, and it can also act on hard surfaces such as concrete.

The best – Lawn Sweepers

  • Large capacity collection trolley
  • It is hushed
  • Adjustable height


  • Low handle height
  • Big size


GARDENA Grass and Leaf Collector Cart: Sweeper for the …

  • A clean garden in autumn: the motorless lawn sweeper is optimal for collecting leaves, scarified materials and grass clippings on large areas without losing 
  • Protects your back: thanks to the ergonomic grips, you can work in an upright position. And they allow the device to be pushed easily.


5. Garland COMBER 502E Artificial Lawn Sweeper

Electric (1600 W) 🔌 40 cm with this Garland 502E artificial grass combing sweeper stands out for sweeping anything and doing it quickly and efficiently, to leave your lawn impeccable regardless of whether it is short or long ( you can adjust it in 5 heights ). 

All the hours of work it could take you to remove your pet’s hair, small fallen leaves, caked fibres, or silica disappears with this electric nylon single brush sweeper. Lawn Sweepers

The residues pass from the brush to the rear fabric collection bag, with a capacity of 40 litres. Due to its characteristics, it is recommended for land between 150 and 450 m ².

In short, it is the best artificial grass sweeper on the market, specially designed to clean dirt and sweep and lift your grass to make it look new. If you want to see this Garland electric comber in action in the garden, check out this video:

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The best – Lawn Sweepers

  • Power and efficiency
  • Adjustable in 5 heights


  • It is not the cheapest
  • It doesn’t work very well in tight corners

Garland COMBER 502E – Sweeper / Comber 1,600 W – 40 cm – bag …

  • Designed to maintain artificial grass
  • It helps clean moss, leaves, pine needles and others

What is an Artificial Grass Sweeper for?

An artificial grass sweeper allows you to easily clean your lawn of debris and dirt that has accumulated over time:

  • Minor soil: sand, dust, pet hair, silica 
  • Stones, moss and other debris
  • Walnut, plum, almond, fig leaves, fir remains 

In short, these tools allow you to comfortably comb your artificial grass to leave it pristine, saving you a lot of time and effort. Both the manual models (you push them with your force through the grass) and the electric or gasoline models (you move them, but they sweep thanks to the power of a motor) are easy to use.

Where can I buy an Artificial Turf Sweeper?

You can find artificial grass sweepers at Bricodepot, Bricomart, Aki, Bauhaus or other stores in the sector. You can even find artificial grass sweepers at El Corte Inglés or second-hand at Wallapop. However, the two best options are the ones we present below.

Sweepers for Artificial Turf at Leroy Merlin

On the Leroy Merlin website, you will find a range of combers for artificial grass at an excellent price, combining the convenience of online shopping with the guarantee of being able to go to your nearest and trusted store to pick up your order or have them finish advising you.

Sweepers for Artificial Turf at Amazon

In Amazon, you will find the most extensive catalogue of combers for artificial grass. Also, throughout the year, there are periods of offers that lower the price of their products, which makes them more attractive.

Buy Artificial Grass Sweepers: Final Assessment

The five best sweepers for artificial grass on the market have been selected for you in this article. Five different models are simple to use and effectively save you cleaning time and help you with your domestic garden tasks. Your lawn will look flawless, and that is priceless. Lawn Sweepers

Lawn Sweeper – Analysis and Buying Guide – 2021

To keep your home clean, you need to vacuum from time to time. Rotating brushes loosen debris, and the vacuum cleaner sucks it into a canister or bag, so your home stays tidy. You can accomplish the same task in your garden, but instead of using a vacuum, you need a lawn sweeper.

The best lawn sweepers pick up the maximum amount of debris on the first pass and have a container (hopper) large enough that you don’t have to stop and empty it often. Ideally, the brushes’ height should be adjustable so you can get as close to the grass as needed.

If you want to know more about lawn sweepers and get some tips on getting the most out of yours, read on. If you want a quick recommendation on the most popular models, you can also get it here. Consider one of the lawn sweepers that we highlight in this article.


Push vs tow

When you buy a lawn sweeper, you have two options: you can get a model that you push or tow.

Sweep capabilities

Most lawn sweepers can handle much more than grass clippings and dry leaves. If you have acorns, small rocks, or other debris in your garden, make sure that whatever model you are considering can pick up what is generally in your garden.

Width – Lawn Sweepers

The wider your lawn sweeper, the fewer passes you will have to make to complete your task. It may not sound like a big deal, but if you can choose between a 21-inch and a 45-inch model, you should know that the 45-inch model would cut your working time in half. It is important to note, however, that the broader models are designed for towed lawn sweepers.

Hopper size – Lawn Sweepers

The hopper catches and holds garden debris. The larger it is, the less often you will have to stop and empty it. A large hopper is a great time-saving device. However, a large hopper is also more challenging to open. It does not matter the size of your hopper, however, buy a model that is easy to empty because you will do that often.

Tear-resistant hopper

Be careful with the hopper, as it is like a lawnmower bag that can be stepped on and easily break if mistreated. So look for the most durable and tear-resistant hopper available, so you don’t have to replace it every time you accidentally sweep up a branch or other sharp object.

Brush-wheel ratio

The sweepers turn when the wheels roll. If you get a model with brushes that rotate once the wheels turn, it won’t be mighty. A model that spins the brushes five times each time the wheels turn will give you plenty of power. If you are towing the unit, 5: 1 is an excellent ratio. However, if you are pushing it, it may take a while to get your lawn sweeper to roll, as it is like trying to start the motorcycle when you are in motion.

Height adjustment

Everyone’s grass is different. Even your garden will vary from section to section. Look for a lawn sweeper that can be quickly and easily adjusted to the optimum height for your needs.

Adjustable hitch – Lawn Sweepers

If you are looking for a trailer lawn sweeper, make sure it will fit on your tractor. The best way to do this is to get a lawn sweeper with an adjustable hitch.

Collapsible – Lawn Sweepers

When you are not using your lawn sweeper, you will want to place it in a secluded place for storage, such as the wall of your shed. A collapsing lawn sweeper is convenient because it takes up less space. Lawn Sweepers

Lawn Sweepers Prices

Lawn sweepers fall into two broad price categories, determined by the type of unit being purchased. If you need a push lawn sweeper, those models start at $ 100 and go up to $ 200. Trailer lawn sweepers, on the other hand, start closer to $ 200. Pricier tow sweepers cost about $ 400.

Tips – Lawn Sweepers

You could buy the best lawn sweeper ever made, but if you don’t know how to use it, you will end up frustrated. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your lawn sweeper.

  • Clear the area of ​​all sticks, rocks, pinecones, and larger debris before using your lawn sweeper.
  • Before sweeping, mow your lawn, so the grass is at an even height.
  • Only use your lawn sweeper when the grass is dry.
  • Adjust the size of your lawn sweeper to work well with your particular terrain.
  • A lawn sweeper can be more or less efficient depending on the speed at which it is moving. Find the pace that works best for your sweeper and your lawn.
  • Empty your hopper before it gets so heavy that it crawls across the yard and tears.
  • Sweeping the property regularly makes it easier to maintain.

Other products we consider

Not all lawn sweepers are the same. Some shine in areas where others don’t. To be sure we’ve provided a diverse selection of highly-rated models, here are a few more lawn sweepers worth mentioning.

Scotts has an entry-level 26-inch wide Push Lawn Sweeper. This affordable option is made of lightweight, easy-to-maneuver ABS plastic.

For a little more money, you can get the AllFitHD 42-Inch Lawn Sweeper. This model has a brush-to-wheel ratio of 4.5: 1. Features sealed ball bearings for less maintenance.

Lastly, Agri-Fab has a low-profile 42-inch grass towing sweeper with a 12 cu. Ft. Collapsible chute. This lawn sweeper has a durable and lightweight construction.

Do lawn sweepers actually work?

Is it worth sweeping the lawn? Like cleaning your yard, perhaps a lawn sweeper is a good choice as it saves hours (and sore muscles). In addition to picking up debris like pine leaves and needles, lawn sweepers can also help remove pine cones, acorns, and twigs Lawn Sweepers

Do the sweepers pick up the cut grass?

Fall: Fall is arguably the best time of year to own a lawn sweeper. With the leaves and pine needles starting to fall, a lawn sweeper makes fall cleanup easy. But don’t forget that it’s also beneficial for picking up the rest of your grass clippings before the winter months Lawn Sweepers

Can you back up with a lawn sweeper?

The friction of the gear train makes it difficult, if not impossible, to back the lawn sweeper up. It is the way the product is manufactured, and there is nothing you can do to change it. After some use and the regular wearing in of the gear train, it might get easier Lawn Sweepers

When Should You Use a Lawn Sweeper?

It would help if you used a lawn sweeper after the leaves have fallen. It is because it is much easier to use the sweeper when the leaves are dry and not when they are wet. A lawn sweeper is also helpful for cleaning driveways and sidewalks after an inch or less of snow.

Cheap Lawn Sweeper

  • Agri-Fab Tow Lawn Sweeper
  • Agri‑Fab Tow Lawn Sweeper
  • Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper
  • Agri‑Fab Push Lawn S…
  • Earthwise 21 inch Push Lawn Sweeper LSW70021
  • Earthwise 21 inch Push La…
  • Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper 50
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  • Yardwise 21″ Sweep-It Lawn Sweeper 23630-YW
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Lawn Sweeper parts

  • 50 in. 26 cu. ft. Lawn Sweeper
  • 50 in. 26 cu. ft. Lawn S…
  • John Deere 42 inch Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper
  • John Deere 42 inch Tow…
  • Precision Products Tow Lawn Sweeper
  • Precision Products Tow Law…
  • Agri-Fab 48557 Brush
  • Agri‑Fab 48557 Brush
  • Brinly STS-427lxh 20 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper STS-42LXH
  • Brinly STS‑427lxh 20 Cubic…
  • Agri-Fab 43905 Brush, 38-Inch Sweeper (19-1/2-Inch)
  • Agri‑Fab 43905 Brush, 3…
  • Agri-Fab Tow Lawn Sweeper
  • Agri‑Fab Tow Lawn Sweeper

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