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Best Flocked Christmas Tree 2022

Best Flocked Christmas Tree

Best Flocked Christmas tree 2022

Welcome back to Review Box! On this occasion, we will talk about the Christmas tree, that ornamental accessory that gives a characteristic and unique stamp to the Christmas holidays, becoming the symbol of this religious celebration. Best Flocked Christmas Tree

In this article, we will tell you the main characteristics of Christmas trees, including the different types of specimens, their varieties, formats, materials, sizes, styles, and designs, so that you can choose the perfect Christmas tree for you.

We will also inform you about the costs and alternative options to have a beautiful tree without spending a lot of money. Don’t miss out on all the content we have to offer, as it will be of great help to you in making the best purchase choice.


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  • 2First things important
  • 3Ranking: the seven best Christmas trees
    • 3.11st Place – Premium Christmas Tree
    • 3.22nd Place – Holiday Christmas Tree
    • 3.33rd Place – Tangkula Artificial Christmas Tree
    • 3.44th Place –Tangkula Artificial Christmas Tree with PVC Base
    • 3.55th Place – Tangkula Artificial Christmas Tree with Metal Base
    • 3.66th Place- XIAOMI Artificial Christmas Tree Pine
  • 47th Place- DW&HX Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree
    • 5.1What are Christmas trees, and what advantages do they have?
    • 5.2Natural, artificial, or ecological Christmas tree- What should you pay attention to?
    • 5.3How much does a Christmas tree cost?
    • 5.4Where to buy a Christmas tree?
  • 6Purchase criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different Christmas trees
    • 6.1Size
    • 6.2Storage
    • 6.3Format
    • 6.4Accessories
    • 6.5Toxicity
    • 6.6Security
    • 6.7Most used trees

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First things important

  • Christmas trees are representative of this celebration, and the market offers them in multiple variants of sizes, formats, and materials. There is also a large assortment of characteristic accessories to decorate these beautiful ornamental specimens. Best Flocked Christmas Tree
  • There are different types of Christmas trees: natural trees, artificial trees, and ecological trees (made by hand), which differ from each other mainly due to their materials, sizes, and formats.
  • Before buying a Christmas tree, you need to know certain relevant aspects when choosing the right product for you, so you must consider the measures, storage, toxicity, and safety of the tree.

Shopping guide

This section is designed to inform you about the essential features of the product you are thinking of buying. For this reason, we will tell you the main peculiarities of Christmas trees, including their advantages and those less positive aspects. Best Flocked Christmas Tree

Christmas trees add a unique spirit to the holidays. 

What are Christmas trees, and what advantages do they have?

If something characterizes Christmas, it is the tree that represents it, adorned with colored balls, lights, stars, garlands, and other accessories alluding to this celebration. The Christmas tree is a decorative element with great cultural and religious symbolism. Best Flocked Christmas Tree

Best Flocked Christmas Tree

Currently, the market offers a great variety and assortment of Christmas trees adapted to different tastes, needs, and budgets. Therefore, sometime before the holidays, you will already find Christmas trees in the market with different styles, sizes, formats, and materials.

The main advantage of this product, besides being very beautiful and ornamental, is what it means and generates, especially in the little ones who interact with it from the moment they begin to decorate it with their family until they eagerly collect Christmas presents. That rest at his feet.Advantage

  • They have great symbolism.
  • They are beautiful.
  • The natural ones have a delightful aroma.
  • Artificial ones can be disassembled and stored.
  • There are a wide variety of models and sizes.
  • Their accessories can be modified.


  •  Some are not very ecological
  • May contain toxic materials
  • Some models take up too much space
  • They are usually uncomfortable to manipulate

Natural, artificial, or ecological Christmas tree- What should you pay attention to?

The three main types of Christmas trees are natural, artificial, and ecological. Below we will provide you with information about each of them so that you can compare them and choose the most suitable for you, depending on your tastes, needs, and financial possibilities.

Natural Christmas tree. It is made with real trees, which are then decorated with accessories allegorical to this celebration. The custom of using natural trees arises in the Nordic countries, which, unlike tropical sites, have access to snow-covered pines. Best Flocked Christmas Tree

These trees are characterized by their perfumed aroma, which provides a charming Christmas atmosphere. They are also totally biodegradable and can be reused for the following parties, although they need some care to remain strong and healthy.

Artificial Christmas tree. These trees are made with plastics, which generates some controversy regarding their toxicity since they may contain components that are harmful to health from oil, in addition to Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

The great advantage of these trees is their variety of sizes, models, and qualities, which allows us to have a large assortment when choosing the best tree according to our tastes and budget. They are also usually very resistant and generate less clutter than natural trees.

Ecological tree. As IS name indicates, these trees have the primary purpose of preserving the environment; For this reason, they offer an alternative option not to use trees made of polluting materials such as plastic, nor to remove the pines from their natural site.

Ecological trees are made with recyclable elements such as bottles, pallets, and cans, among other factors. Their accessories are made with scraps of fabrics, wool, bows, pinecones, dry leaves, etc. They are also very inexpensive and contribute to artisanal and self-managed work.

Materialnatural trees (wood)plasticpallets, bottles, cans, etc.
Comparative costhighvariedeconomic

How much does a Christmas tree cost?

The prices of Christmas trees vary according to the different sizes, models, materials, and qualities, among other factors. In the next paragraph, we will comment on the approximate costs of these copies to have a parameter of the values.

In the market, you can get small trees from 1,000 MXN, approximately up to 20,000 MXN, although there are biological species such as fir, for example, which can cost up to 70,000 MXN, depending on the size, the state, the leafiness, etc.

Where to buy a Christmas tree?

Christmas trees are an emblem of these celebrations so that you can find a large assortment in retail stores such as Sears, Liverpool, and El Palacio de Hierro, among others. If you are looking for a variety of natural trees, you can find them in El Pinar de la Cima and the Cuemanco market, for example.

You can also find Christmas trees online through Amazon, Linio, eBay, Walmart, and Mercado Libre, among others. The virtual purchase, apart from offering you the additional benefit of ordering from your home, where you can also receive it. Best Flocked Christmas Tree

There are different types of Christmas trees adapted to different tastes and budgets. 

Purchase criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different Christmas trees

In this last section, we will tell you the most critical factors that you should consider when selecting the best Christmas tree for you since, among so much variety and an assortment of this product, it can sometimes be challenging to choose the perfect tree.

  • Size
  • Storage
  • Format
  • Accessories
  • Toxicity
  • Security
  • Most used trees

Size – Best Flocked Christmas Tree

Although large Christmas trees are impressive and very beautiful, they can also be a problem when it comes to locating them in your home. That is why you should evaluate before buying a Christmas tree the space you have available, and based on this, select the best model for you. Best Flocked Christmas Tree

Natural trees come in different sizes, but they are already large and inflexible. On the other hand, the artificial ones offer various measures and designs that allow, in some cases, to extend the branches or fold them according to your needs and possibilities .Best Flocked Christmas Tree

Ecological trees are also an excellent alternative to optimize space since they are made by hand, so they can be made to measure and with an adaptive format to the room you have available in your home.

The standard measurements of conventional trees are usually 1.20 meters high and can reach 2.40 meters. As for the diameter, it is generally around 60 centimeters and reaches 1.5 meters in the most giant and most leafy trees.

Small, magnificent, and picturesque trees are also designed to be placed on a table or shelf in places with little space. The reality is that there is no better tree size than another, but different options according to your interests, possibilities, and budget, since the height also varies the cost.

The market offers different sizes, formats, and designs of Christmas trees. 


Storage is also related to the available space. If the tree cannot be disassembled and stored, it will be uncomfortable to keep it together, except in the case of natural trees that can be kept in a pot as an ornamental plant.

In the case of artificial trees, you should look for models that allow you to fold them entirely and without complications, at the same time that it is easy to put them back together the following year. Today, most Christmas trees are easy to disassemble and 

Format – Best Flocked Christmas Tree

Among the formats of Christmas trees, you can find classic or traditional pine trees or more modern and innovative designs. Next, we will tell you the characteristics of each one of them so that you can choose the most suitable for you.

Classics The classic trees are pines, whether natural or synthetic, which have the characteristic texture of pine needles, and are decorated with pine cones and typical and symbolic accessories. They are illuminated with garlands and strips of lights that are turned on and off alternately.

Modern. The most modern trees have replaced the traditional branches with threads of optimal fiber that also emit light, replacing the classic Christmas lighting. The optimal fiber transfers the morning, which is why the tree changes shades from its ends, offering a very original and striking effect.

There are very creative options to decorate your Christmas tree. 


Although the Christmas tree has great beauty, it would be incomplete without the complementary accessories that decorate it, giving it a symbolic style, and at the same time, personal. That is why it is also essential to think about these elements to combine the tree harmoniously.

Although colored balls, stars, and garlands are still the protagonists of Christmas decorations, new alternatives adapted to other tree designs have been added, such as these exact figures made of paper, in an origami style.

Modern trees, for example, do not have many accessories. Cacti are also widely used, replacing the traditional Christmas tree, decorated with more conventional and native figures from tropical areas, such as flowers made of fabric, wool, or paper.

Interestingly, you can innovate and create your style of tree and decorate it as you like. In the market, you will find countless Christmas accessories with different designs, but you can also make them on your own with recycled elements, according to your 

Toxicity – Best Flocked Christmas Tree

Although it seems exaggerated, it never hurts to be cautious and take certain precautions about the toxicity of the Christmas tree since children are in complete contact with them from the moment they decorate them with the characteristic Christmas accessories.

Artificial trees. These trees are made of plastics that often contain highly toxic components from oil and fossil fuels. They may also contain polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). You have to be very attentive with these.

Natural trees. Although these trees are much more ecological, most of these specimens are grown in plantations where highly toxic pesticides and herbicides accelerate the growth process to sell them at Christmas.

It is not about panicking and suppressing the tradition of the Christmas tree, but about taking specific preventive measures when buying, such as finding out the materials of the tree and its components, which should be listed on the product label.

Ecological trees. These are the best option, handcrafted with recycled products, in coherence with the environment. Another exciting aspect of these trees is that they can be made at home or bought from small entrepreneurs, contributing to self-managed  Best Flocked Christmas Tree

Security – Best Flocked Christmas Tree

There are specific security measures that you must take into account when buying your Christmas tree. Its toxicity is one of them, but there are also other factors that you cannot lose sight of to avoid unnecessary dangers.

Location. Ensure the tree is located in a place away from burners and heaters since it could catch fire and spread rapidly, causing a tragedy, since the materials of the trees, whether natural or artificial, are highly flammable.

Base. It often happens, especially in lower quality artificial trees, that the grounds are pretty small and unstable to twist or bend. If the specimen is vast, it will imply a danger since it could turn over and fall on a small child and injure him.

Take current. Most Christmas trees have lights that give them an ornamental stamp, but it is essential that the lighting does not remain plugged in at night or when there is no adult in the house, as it could cause an electrical short and cause a fire.

Most used trees

The most used tree species for Christmas depends on the geographical areas of cultivation and the type of land and relief. In Mexico, for example, nine different species of trees are planted that are used as an ornamental element for the holidays. Best Flocked Christmas Tree

Although pines are the most common natural trees used for Christmas, there are also some species such as cypress or white cedar. The choice of trees is related to their ornamental value and their pleasant and aromatic aroma. The most common species cultivated in Mexico are: Best Flocked Christmas Tree

White Pine. It is a tree that can reach 20 to 30 meters in height and exceeds one meter in diameter. When it is young, it is pyramid-shaped, and its bark has brown-colored grooves in the trunk, with long and thin leaves, typical of needle pine.

Stone pine. It is a conifer up to 30 meters high, with light-colored wood and leaves. It is widely used in parks and gardens for its umbrella-shaped glass and soft and pleasant fragrance, typical of pines.

Black pine. This species, which can grow up to 35 meters high and 10 meters in diameter, has a cone-shaped crown and rough, scaly bark. Its wood is often used for the manufacture of furniture, parquet floors, poles, and cabinetry.

Oyamel. This fir is a tree native to Central America, mainly to the central mountains of southern Mexico and western Guatemala. It is used as a Christmas tree, but its wood is also used to make paper.

Best flocked christmas tree images

National Tree

artificial snow


Led lights

Christmas tree

snowy christmas


best selling artificial christmas

Christmas decoration

polyvinyl chloride

What is the best material for a Christmas tree?

An easy Christmas tree to decorate
It is made of polyethylene: a resistant material that prevents it from losing volume when stored from one year to the next. 180 cm high, the upward arrangement of its branches makes it easier to hang the ornaments.

What are the types of Christmas trees?

In Mexico, nine species of trees are planted that are used for Christmas.
The most common species are:
White pine or Viking pine®
Black pine (Pinus greggii)
Stone pine (Pinus cembroides)
Oyamel (religious Abies)
Spruce (Picea sp.
White cedar

What does it mean to decorate the Christmas tree in white?

This Christmas tree is always artificial since it would be tricky to find a natural one with that color. The color white is synonymous with snow and, although we live in a place where this meteorological phenomenon stands out for its absence, it is related to Christmas

How are artificial Christmas trees made?

Artificial trees are made from a plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a petroleum derivative that can contain lead and other toxic substances.

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