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Best Indoor Portable Radiator Space Electric Heater, all Products Buying Guide 2022

Radiator Heater

Indoor Portable Radiator Space Electric Heater, all Products Buying Guide 2022

The cold has already reached our homes and it is time for the sofa and blanket. Do not go cold and look at the best radios and heaters that are currently on the market.

The cold season begins, the leaves of the trees mark the starting box with the slow fall of the branches until they touch the ground where we step. A carpet of leaves covers our sidewalks, we see the first contacts with autumn and winter when you go from going in a shirt to taking your coat out of the closet .

Temperatures drop, the sky is stained gray and crystal clear water flows through our neighborhoods, towns or cities. They also come home on weekends, sheltered from the cold and rain, movie afternoons on the sofa and with the blanket on top to stay warm. 

Do not be cold this winter in your home and pay attention to all the information that we are going to tell below about the best electric heaters and radiators on the market. Without a doubt, it is the best option on the market if you do not want to do work in your home because it does not require installation and its operation is from electricity, that is, plug the radiator or heater to the closest outlet . Adapt your needs to the best heater or electric radiator , if your office is cold you already have a solution. Are you going to miss it?




Black heater.
Heater with circular design and led screen included.

Small round black electric heater. The material is ceramic with an included LED display that shows the temperature on the top and has five buttons. The middle button is the off and on, the one on the + and – sides are for raising the temperature, which can rise to 37ºC and the lowest to 16ºC . On the other side there are two other buttons that serve to regulate the air or heat output through the central part. The electric heater can become hot from heavy use but the heater itself will cut off the power for a few minutes and then return to normal use . The cylinder measures 24.5cmand its oscillation system allows hot-cold air to spread from one side to the other in order to form a warm air around it. This device can be used in any corner of your home, even in the bathroom or if you want it for your office. Its price is affordable and in just a few days you can have it at home.



Rowenta mini heater ideal for your office desk.

When we get home after a long day at work, it can happen that we find the house a little freezing until we turn on the heating. Do not go cold in that stretch of time and take a close look at this Rowenta Comfort Compact electric heater. Its measurements are 21 x 17.5 x 27.5 cm , two positions with adjustable power: 1,000 w silence and 2,000 w maximum power. At the top it has two buttons: one to regulate the temperature (hot-cold) and another for power. It is undoubtedly an ideal device for your home. It has 2 power settings: 1,800w for a more silent and prolonged use and 2,000w for a fast and powerful heating. If this were not enough, it has a handle to transport the heater to the place you want.

Buy your Rowenta compact electric heater:



Double screen Radiator
The best energy efficient electric heater

Lacyie has released a revolutionary electric heater with the intention of transferring you to a fireplace, that is, making you feel that you are in front of the embers passing heat. Your heater recreates that fantasy with the light it gives off through an animation of flames in order to convey a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The radiator is made of aluminum and heats up in 2 seconds. It has two wind levels to make it more efficient and save energy. In addition, it is made of class V0 fire retardant material.It is equipped with a toggle switch and overheat protection. The electric heater is equipped with a wide range of infrared remote control that can work within 3-5 meters. You can also control the programmable timer to time 1-12 hours. The heater can be plugged into a socket.



White personal Radiator Heater
Mini personal heater to avoid getting cold in the autumn afternoons.

New electric heater with a modern aesthetic to place it in any corner of your room. The heater emits a soft light to set the room, a kind of flames to convey cozy and warm relaxation . The material is aluminum and if it gets hot with use, it would turn off in just two seconds, in addition, its configuration consists of two levels to save energy and be more efficient. The heater is double protected with fire retardant material and an anti-tip protection switch on the bottom of the device. It has 2 modes to choose from: heat or natural wind that will be available every season.



Individual black Radiator Heater
It may look like a mic but it is a personal use heater.

The Nexgadget electric heater is equipped with three modes to select from: heat, mild heat, and wind. Its horizontal oscillation is 85 degrees and vertical 40 degrees. Modern design that will make you think it is a radio microphone but it is actually an electric heater. It also consists of a PTC heating plate that has lower power consumption, while generating more heat, furthermore, it supports rapid heating in 2 seconds. Its size is not very large, therefore, it will not occupy you spice in your workplace or residence . The material is V-0 fire resistant, its overheat sensor and tip-over protection allows the electric heater to automatically shut off when overheated or tilted.




Radiator Heater
Electric radiator to avoid being cold in any part of your house.

Electric radiators give off more heat than a heater, first because it is bigger and second because it is prepared to withstand high temperatures for longer. This electric radiator is made of aluminum and is white in color. Its electronic system allows programming a time and a temperature for each day on its LCD screen or through its remote control. In addition, it does not use any type of fuel, therefore, it does not generate environmental pollution. It has 3 operating modes: economic, comfort and antifreeze. Its use is very simple because it only has a support foot and a support to add to the wall.

Buy your Orbegozo electric radiator:



Radiator Heater
Modern and innovative radiator to hang on the wall.

Decorate your house with this incredible electric radiator and at the same time you will not be cold. Elegant, formal and distinctive, three characteristics of this radiator whose size is 1-20 m2. It can be placed on the wall and can be perfectly concealed as a decorative painting or supported on the ground thanks to its supports. Day and night temperature control reduces heating energy consumption by up to 20%. In addition, it has a digital display and a thermostat that ranges from 5 to 25ºC . In case you opt for this radiator, you have to know that the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty.



Radiator Heater
Classic radiator with 2.0 technology

Not many years ago it was common to see wheeled radiators in many houses, especially in towns where it was heated with a stove or electric radiators. The Cecotec company brings us closer to this time with this 2.0 radiator with the latest Warm Space technology that efficiently heats a size of 10m2. Seven 1500w power modules, indicator light and with three power levels : (600 W), medium (900 W) and maximum (1500 W). Its Easygo system allows the radiator to be transported without any problem, thanks to its multidirectional wheels. It also has an auto-shutdown system in case the appliance overheats. Go back to your childhood with this radiator and do not get cold this winter. You will not regret!

Buy the Cecotec Ready Warm radiator:


What energy efficient heater to buy? My recommendations

Choosing the best energy efficient electric heater for your home can be complex because some are more convenient than others. So I’ll leave you a list of specific suggestions below .

What is the best low consumption electric heater in quality price?

I consider the Cecotec Ready Warm 6100 thermal heater to be the one with the best value for money . The low consumption of this heater is something buyers recognize, it also has 1500W of power, adjustable thermostat and oscillation function.

It is also small and compact so that you can put it anywhere without getting in the way and you can buy it only for less than € 25.

Which low consumption heater is the most complete?

The Rowenta SO9420F0 Intense Comfort Hot heater brings together key features to make it the first of the top 10 energy efficient heaters for winter. It works at 2400W so it will work for large rooms but since you can program it to work at 1000 or 1400W of power it will also work for small rooms .

It also has an oscillation function , an eco mode that reduces consumption by 50%, which is why many buyers rate it as a +++ electric heater after having analyzed it with an electricity consumption meter . Besides, it is silent and has a timer with a 24-hour range.


What is the best energy efficient heater for the bathroom?

If you are going to put the heater in the bathroom it is necessary that it is safe and has protection against water splashes and these details are offered by the Rowenta SO6510F2 Comfort Aqua heater . In addition to being among all the low-consumption room heating appliances, this one is ideal for the harshest winters as it includes a frost protection device .

Which energy efficient heater is the most powerful?

The most powerful energy efficient heaters are the Rowenta SO6510F2 Comfort Aqua heater and the Rowenta SO9420F0 Intense Comfort Hot heater that operate at 2400W . Both are capable of heating spaces between 35 and 40m² and also have an adjustable thermostat to reduce the power in case you want to heat a smaller room.

What is the cheap but effective energy efficient heater?

If you are short on budget then the Orbegozo BP 0300 halogen stove is the best alternative since you can buy it for only € 19. It is a simple but very efficient model and made of good quality materials.

Which energy efficient heater is the best seller?

The best-selling model on the market is the Orbegozo BP 0300 halogen stove and it is not surprising as it is a low-consumption heater with positive opinions , cheap and with everything you need to heat rooms up to 15m².


What are the best low noise energy efficient heaters?

The least noisy heaters are in the first place, the Rowenta SO9420F0 Intense Comfort Hot heater since, while other models emit between 45 and 50dB, this one emits only 42dB. Another interesting option is the Delonghi TRNS 0505M radiator that although the manufacturer does not specify how many dB it emits, buyers say that it is very quiet.

What low consumption electric stoves are the most recommended on Amazon?

The most recommended heating systems are, in the first place, the Orbegozo BP 0300 halogen stove , with 68% of good opinions due to its good operation and economic price. And second is the Cecotec Ready Warm 6100 that offers low consumption ceramic heating and has the capacity to heat up to 25m².

What are the best brands in energy efficient space heaters?

Within the comparison of the consumption of electric heaters the best brands in my opinion are:

  • Rowenta .
  • Orbegozo.
  • Cecotec.
  • Delonghi.

These brands have a lot of experience in heating products and in addition to low consumption air stoves, they include a good number of alternatives of modern models such as radiators with WiFi , oil radiators and wall heaters , among others.


Factors that you should take into account when buying a heater

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1) The types of resistors

The heaters come equipped with different types of resistors that will be more or less convenient according to your needs. You can find heaters with:

  • Quartz heating elements: The heat it emits is not altered by drafts, no unpleasant odors emanate, and the frame remains warm.
  • Halogen resistors: They provide immediate heat as soon as you turn on the appliance. In addition, halogen heaters emit light, something pleasant for many people as it makes the environment look warmer.
  • Ceramic resistors: They are more durable so if you plan to keep the heater on for many hours every day they are ideal. In addition, they do not dry out the air and among the powerful low consumption heaters they are the ones that consume the least energy. Therefore, if you are looking for an a +++ low consumption heater, ceramic ones are the best option.
  • Aluminum heating elements : Due to its high level of thermal conductivity, it emits an intense and stable level of heat. It also distributes the temperature evenly throughout the room. For this reason, heaters with aluminum resistances do not require much of the oscillation function.


2) Room size

Many buyers buy a large heater thinking that due to its size it will be able to heat large rooms but it is a mistake.

There are very small heaters capable of heating large rooms since the power level of the heater is what determines the heating range.

Then the best thing is that you know how big the room you want to heat is so that you can choose a heater with enough power.

Here is an approximate index of the power and size of the rooms:

  • 500W: They can heat small rooms of about 5 – 6m² where you can keep the door closed.
  • 1000-1200: these can efficiently heat spaces of around 10m².
  • 1500W: They heat spaces between 15 and 20m².
  • 2000W: They are suitable for heating rooms of about 25m².
  • 2400W: They are capable of heating large rooms of about 35 / 40m² in which it is not necessary to keep the doors closed. Therefore, they are good for living rooms, large kitchens, libraries, etc.

Now if you want to make a personalized calculation because your space does not match any of these measurements, keep in mind that to heat 1m² a minimum of 80 / 90W of power is required.


3) The oscillation

There are heaters that remain stationary while others may have a certain level of movement to distribute the heat evenly.

If you are going to put it in a small room and with the door closed, this detail is not very important.

But if your heater will be in a large room , for example a bedroom with 2 beds or a large bathroom then make sure it has the oscillation function.

Ideally, it should be able to move at an angle of 60 to 70º so that the heat reaches 60 or 70% of the room equally.

However, I have seen models that have 90º oscillation , that is, they offer a wider temperature coverage throughout the room.

4) The price of energy efficient heaters

Within the types of energy-efficient home heaters, the price of the heaters has a lot to do with the brand and whether it is a low consumption or fixed portable heater. It also depends a lot on its potency.

Laptops are cheaper and you can buy one on Amazon for € 19.

There are also models with more functions , remote control and oscillation function from € 23 while the most expensive are located at € 115.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does an electric radiator consume?

An electric radiator consumes between 400 and 3000 Wh , approximately the same as the electric water heater with which we heat the water in the shower; the difference is that for the actual electricity consumption of an electric radiator or boiler it varies a lot depending on several factors :

  • The size of the space or room that you are going to heat. The larger it is, the more electricity the radiator will consume.
  • The characteristics of the room. Whether or not you have the windows insulated from the outside. Whether or not it has drafts inlets.
  • The time to be used. The number of hours of daily use make the total consumption vary.
  • The type of electric radiator . Some models retain heat better, consuming less.

For this reason, if you know how to place the electric radiator in a space where the heat is well concentrated, a 1000W heater could be used for about 3 hours a day in a 15m2 room and no significant increase in the electricity bill will be noticed.


What is the difference between heater and stove?

The difference between a heater and a stove lies in the way they produce heat .

heater works on electric current . When turned on, the heater heats up a resistance, which heats the air around it. This air is expelled by means of fans and, being lighter than cold air, it rises and heats the whole environment.

stove , on the other hand, is usually larger than heaters, and works with some type of fuel : coal, wood or gas . There are electric models, but they are closer to being heaters than stoves. Stoves work by combustion , they are more expensive than heaters, but they have higher power.

What is better a heater or a convector?

A heater is easy to transport , it can be moved from one room to another and there are high-power models that heat entire rooms in a short time, but you must ration its use so as not to abuse electricity costs.

The convectors for their part are fixed to the wall . They generate heat by heating the air through resistors, but they do not always have a fan that expels the air, so it may take a little longer to heat the place. Their positive side is that they use very little electrical current .

If you have no problem with the electricity bill going up a bit, I recommend choosing the heater.


What is a halogen heater?

A halogen heater does not use any fuel like gas or heat a resistance like normal heaters and stoves, but instead uses a glass tube with a metal filament , as well as a common light bulb, and heats the air around it.

In this way, the halogen heater is ideal for heating the lower and middle areas of the room in which you use it. In addition, another advantage that this type of device offers is its mobility , since being small you can take them anywhere in the house.

What is convection heating?

Convection is the process that many modern heaters use to perform their function: first, resistors are heated by letting electricity pass through them, which heats the air around them. The air is expelled by a fan, causing it to circulate throughout the room and gradually heating it up.

Radiator Heater
Radiator Heater

What is the catalytic stove?

Catalytic stoves work by burning a type of fuel , which is usually butane gas or propane gas, thus heating a catalytic panel, which heats up and expels heat, without the need to use direct fire. This type of stove is cheaper and more portable than the rest of the models, and it is recommended for rooms of maximum 25m2.

Do radiator heaters use a lot of electricity?

Radiators and other space heaters approach 100 percent efficiency in their use of electricity, but you can achieve greater functional efficiency based on your heating needs

Are radiator heaters safe?

While oil filled radiators are generally safe, it’s best to check if they have some kind of overheat protection (tilt switches) that automatically turn it off if anything happens to the heater. Although radiators heat indirectly through oil, and don’t glow red like other space heaters, they still can get very hot.


Is it expensive to run a radiator heater?

The energy source in an oil-filled radiator is electricity. … If your heater has a 1000 watt rating and your cost of electricity is $0.15/Kwh your cost to operate for one hour would be $0.15. If the element is activated 10 hours out of every 24 hours your cost per day would be $1.50

Is radiator heater better?

The Size: Oil-filled radiators are fairly large and can be heavy. … Heat Larger Rooms: While no space heater is ideal for a cavernous great room, oil-filled heaters typically do a better job heating large rooms. Eventually, the constant heat rising upward and outward from your heater can keep an entire room warm.

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