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6 Best Kitchen Scales For Home Cooks In 2022: Buying Guide

Kitchen Scales

6 Best Kitchen Scales For Home Cooks In 2022: Buying Guide

All cooks know that many sweet and savory recipes require precise measurements. Sometimes making mistakes of a few grams can lead to catastrophic results and make your creations inedible.

The best kitchen scale allows you to get a perfect measurement to create true chef-worthy specialties, without the risk of making trivial mistakes. In addition, with this device you will avoid filling the kitchen drawers with an endless number of measuring spoons.

What Is The Best Kitchen Scale?

Contrary to what you might think, a kitchen scale is not a tool aimed exclusively at meticulous pastry chefs. In the world where desserts are not the focus, a high-precision device will also allow you to take your creations to the Olympus of great chefs.

From counting calories to weekly meal prep, a trustworthy brand model is an indispensable tool. And for those who follow certain diets, a precise device is a must to distribute meals correctly.

Buying Guide For The Best Kitchen Scales

All kitchen scales (and not just those) must be accurate and reliable. If they are not exact, they are useless. They must be durable, made of stainless steel or resistant plastic material that guarantees a long life. In addition to this, the following characteristics must be taken into account:

Easy To Use And Clean

If you are trying to follow a demanding recipe, the last thing you need is a complicated scale. The controls should be intuitive and easy to use, and it should be possible to easily convert grams to kilograms and vice versa. Also, a good kitchen scale should be easy to clean, which means that if it has nooks and crannies, it is not the best option.

How much weight does it support?

If you want to prepare dishes for a household of 4 or 5 people, a normal scale with a maximum capacity of 3 or 5 kg. It will be enough.

However, if for one reason or another, you need to cook large quantities of food, you should know that there are numerous brand-name models available on the market that can weigh up to 10 kg. You can easily find them for sale online at a low price compared to supermarkets or appliance stores.

Does it have a tare function?

If there is one function that a kitchen scale should never be without, it is tare. This function saves time and effort, as it allows you to measure several ingredients at the same time and in the same container.

For example, if you have finished weighing the sliced ​​apples and want to proceed with the recipe by adding the banana pieces, it is not necessary to remove the apples before proceeding with the bananas. In fact, after weighing the first ingredient, you just have to press the tare button to set the weight to 0 and add the second ingredient.

6 Best Kitchen Scales For Home Cooks In 2022: Buying Guide

1. Salter Black Electronic Platform Kitchen Scale

It has a measuring capacity of up to 5 kg and, thanks to its sensors, guarantees a high level of precision. The LCD screen allows you to read clearly and immediately in multiple units of measure (kg / g / lb / oz). It is made of stainless steel, the ideal material if you are looking for durability.

The detachable 2.15 liter bowl lends itself to a wide range of uses. In addition, thanks to the device’s tare function, it is compatible with other containers. The room temperature sensor and 99-minute 99-second kitchen timer complement its features. The automatic power-off function deactivates the device after two minutes of non-use, thus optimizing battery consumption.

Main Features:

  • Offers the ability to measure in grams, kilograms, ounces, and pounds
  • Tare function allows ingredients to be weighed without adding container weight
  • It has a practical sensor to detect the ambient temperature


  • Brand: Salter
  • Maximum measuring capacity: 5 kg

2. Nicewell 22-lb Digital Kitchen Scale

The Nicewell Kitchen Scale has a clean aesthetic and offers a capacity much greater than most other options. At 10 kg (about 22 pounds), the maximum capacity is more than enough for almost any home kitchen project. The base of the Nicewell is sticky (in a good way), and the overall mass of the scale itself is pretty heavy. This makes for a highly stable scale that doesn’t get pushed around your counter or desk.

The large, smooth, stainless steel platform of the Nicewell shows smudges and fingerprints more than others. Cleaning is only possible with gentle wiping; no liquids allowed, according to product instructions. 


  • Heavy and stable
  • Clean design; no visible brand
  • Ten kg capacity


  • Expensive
  • Touch Screen Buttons

3. Greater Goods Digital Food and Kitchen

The GreaterGoods Digital Food Scale is small and sleek. The small construction and grey color scheme virtually disappear in any kitchen; we appreciate this. In our accuracy test, it was an average performer. Average accuracy, in this case, is pretty darn good. A one-gram error here and there will hardly be noticed in any normal kitchen or home use.

The CR2032 battery is fairly common but not as standard as the AAA batteries that others employ. You might have CR2032 batteries around, but you are sure to have AAAs in hand. Thankfully, batteries in a kitchen scale last a long time. In our repeated, head-to-head boot-up races, the GreaterGoods scored near the bottom of the pack. It differs from our leader by almost one second.

This may seem minor, but in the application, this can mean the difference between actually using your scale for portion control versus skipping that step in your meal preparations. Boot up time is one of the biggest differentiators in this otherwise pretty comparable category of consumer electronics.


  • Thin and compact
  • Unobtrusive look


  • Nonstandard battery
  • Slow bootup

4. Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen Scale

The Ozeri ZK14-S Kitchen Scale is versatile, compact, inexpensive, and as accurate as it claims to be. It starts up quickly and is available in many different colors.

Uses standard AAA batteries. In our precision tests, along with a few others, we weighed each calibrated load exactly as advertised, to the nearest whole gram. The Ozeri’s six kilogram capacity is higher than average.

Our main complaint with the Ozeri is its small weighing platform. The round platform does not provide much space to place things on the scale.


  • Available in many colors
  • High capacity


  • Small platform

5. GreaterGoods Nourish Digital

The GreaterGoods Nourish digital food scale is a niche option for those who want to get serious about meal prep and nutritional content. This scale comes with a manual of more than 2000 foods that, along with the weight of your food, allows you to enter a corresponding code that will tell you the nutritional content of what you weighed.

Do you want to know how many calories that piece of cheese has? The Nourish will tell you in one step. The screen, although small, is well backlit and easy to read.

The scale is also equipped with rubber feet on the bottom that prevent the scale from slipping while in use. It had decent boot times, going from off to heavy in about two seconds. Its accuracy, while not perfect, was in line with all the other scales we tested.


  • Large surface area
  • Can calculate the nutritional content


  • Small display screen
  • Only offers grams and ounces as units

6. My Weigh KD-8000 Kitchen And Craft Digital Scale

MyWeigh KD8000 is a robust and full-featured kitchen scale. Provides your weight test results in a wide variety of formats, including percentage calculations preferred by bakers. If you want to double (or halve or triple or adjust by 137% …) a recipe, this scale will do exactly that for you.

You can measure the starting amount and then add or remove the ingredient until the display reflects the mathematical change you want. We like that it is battery powered or wall powered. No other scales we tested were able to plug into a wall outlet.

Compared to the other offerings, the KD8000 is neither the most compact nor the easiest to use. Since sensors, electronics, and power supplies keep getting more compact all the time, other offerings are definitely smaller than MyWeigh.


  • Wall plug or battery-powered
  • Removable, cleanable platform


  • Large and bulky
  • More moving parts complicate usage

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Kitchen Scales

What types of kitchen scales are there?

There are basically three main types of kitchen scales on the market: digital, two-arm, and mechanical. Here are their differences:

Digital Scale

It is by far the most common type in the kitchen, as it is accurate, easy to use, inexpensive, and generally lightweight, compact, and portable. The digital scale has a large LCD screen that is sometimes backlit for easy reading even in the dark.

It is also designed with various functions; These include the conversion from one unit to another, the tare function and a clearly legible LCD display in all lighting conditions. It runs on a battery, which in some cases you can recharge using a USB connection.

Double Arm Scale

They are designed with two opposite arms with plates in the upper part: in one you put what you want to weigh and in the other the weights are placed as a measuring system. Obviously, they are not particularly accurate or the most convenient, which is why today they are used almost solely as a decoration.

Mechanical Scale

The mechanical scales use a plate mounted on a spring to measure the weight. They were very popular until a few decades ago, and today they still have a certain enthusiastic audience. These scales may be accurate, but they are not the best choice simply because they cannot measure the smallest quantities. Not to mention, the older and worn the scale spring is, the less accurate the measurement becomes.

How much does a kitchen scale cost?

You can buy a good quality digital kitchen scale for less than 15 euros. If you are looking for the best of the best from a multifunctional point of view, you should calculate a budget of about 30 euros.

Are kitchen scales accurate?

The measurement accuracy of each scale should be indicated in its user guide. If this information is not noted, you can adopt an empirical method according to the opinion of the experts.

Accuracy is calculated by taking into account approximately half the value of the smallest unit of measure for that particular scale. For example, if a digital model uses grams as the unit of measurement, its precision is probably around half a gram.


If you want to accurately weigh the flour for making cookies or the portions for your diet, you cannot do without a kitchen scale. It takes up very little space on the counter (you can also opt for a hanging version) and, for a very low investment, it offers you a series of features that can make you a true chef.

Although all the models that we list in this guide are appreciated for their ease of use and precision, we have given our winning vote to the Laica scale for one simple reason: it has a large capacity bowl designed vertically that will allow you to weigh fruits and vegetables. vegetables without worrying about them falling off. And for those of us who love making lots of smoothies, it’s an elemental bonus. Its performance is complemented by the tare function, automatic shutdown and overweight indicator.

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