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7 Best Pepper Mills and Grinders In 2022: Buying Guide

Pepper Mills

7 Best Pepper Mills and Grinders In 2022: Buying Guide

Cooking is one of my greatest pleasures, I love spending time devising new dishes to surprise my whole family and, if something cannot be missing among my ingredients, it is my spices , condiments and seasonings, where salt and pepper are essential in my bookshelf .

Now, finding the exact point of pepper can be the real challenge, many times by not having a good pepper shaker or grinder we end up adding too much to the recipe, and nobody wants that in their dishes.

For this reason, it is convenient that you have in your grocer , whether you are professional or amateur chefs, the best pepper mill , which allows you to grind the seeds in a simple way and have the freshness of this spice always at hand.

What Is The Best Pepper Grinder?

There are a lot of pepper mills on the market, which come in a set together with a salt shaker or individual ones, it all depends on what you need.

But, to choose the best one, it is convenient that you think about its most outstanding characteristics, such as capacity, material with which the grinder is made, if it can have different types of pepper inside, among other factors that will lead you in the right direction. .

Personally, I have found the stainless steel grinders much more comfortable, plus they are more eye-catching and look great in my kitchen. Here are the best pepper mills:

7 Best Pepper Mills and Grinders In 2022: Buying Guide

1. Peugeot Paris pepper mill

Peugeot Paris - Salt and pepper mill ...

Starting with the comparison, you will find this perfect grinder for black pepper and any other type you use, even for mixtures. It is a beech wood grinder, equipped with a double row of teeth that capture the grains and grind them to a fine powder, ideal for multiple preparations.

It has a size of 22 centimeters, as well as a beautiful color that will combine with different kitchen styles. Being made of wood, it is a grinder that will last for a long time, so it will be a very good investment.

Key Features:

  • Beech wood grinder
  • It has a size of 22 centimeters
  • With a double row of tooth

Brand: Peugeot Paris

2. RenFox electric pepper mill

Salt and Pepper Mill, Mill of ...

If you are one of those who prefer a more technological grinder instead of a manual model, you will find that this one from the RenFox brand will come in handy for you. It is a grinder with a capacity of 100ml, with built-in LED light and fully adjustable grinding plates.

It works with batteries, being made of resistant ceramic, it will provide durability against corrosion, in addition to a much fresher flavor. It is extremely easy to use, also having an elegant and original design that will add style to your table.

Key Features:

  • With capacity of 100ml
  • Built-in LED light
  • Works with batteries

Brand: RenFox

3. Cole & Mason pepper mill

Cole & Mason P1F HB0644P Forest Capstan ...

Continuing with the list, you will find this grinder with an incredible value for money, being 100% wood, it is perfect if you want to make an investment that lasts a long time. It is a grinder with a professional precision mechanism that guarantees optimal grinding results, so that pepper will not be lacking in your dishes.

With a size of 165 mm, it is ideal to use in the kitchen or at the table while you are eating, in addition to the fact that its type of material allows you to clean it with cloths and it will be like new. If you are looking for a grinder that is classic, useful, beautiful and with the perfect size, this may be your best option.

Key Features:

  • 165mm design
  • 100% wood

Brand: Cole & Mason

4. Newyond pepper mill

Newyond - Set of salt grinders and ...

A set of two grinders that will serve you both for pepper and salt, be it normal, table or Himalayan.

They are two grinders with ceramic rotors with five grinding levels, which will help to leave the coarsest grains to a very fine texture, so that you have your spices in all the dishes you prepare.

They have a very modern design, in addition to being resistant, elegant and that will impress your family and guests. They are very easy to use, in addition to cleaning them is just as easy and you will have a super tidy kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Set of two grinders
  • With five-tier ceramic rotors
  • Very modern design

Brand: Newyond

5. Oseetar pepper mill

Pepper mill, salt mill ...

Among the most affordable on the list, but that does not leave quality aside, you will find this fully adjustable pepper mill, which allows you to perfectly grind all spices and not just pepper.

As it can be adjusted, it is possible to choose between a finer or coarser grain, just by turning the knob at the top, to obtain the appropriate texture of the spice depending on the dish, be it a salad, barbecue or when you go on a picnic.

It is an extremely comfortable grinder, made of wood and with a good grip, in addition to having great resistance to corrosion and other factors such as frequent use.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable model
  • Extremely comfortable grinder
  • Made of wood and with a good grip

Brand: Oseetar

6. Sjpzwcrl pepper mill

Pepper mill, salt mill ...

With this salt and pepper mill you will always have your spices at hand, all in a compact, professional and very durable way. It is a completely manual grinder, made of steel that lasts a lot and is also resistant against rust.

This grinder has a simple system that you can operate with one hand, being the most practical you will find on the market. Also, it is a grinder in which you can store both salts and peppers, so you will have variety in your kitchens.

Key Features:

  • Fully manual use
  • For one-handed operation

Brand: Sjpzwcrl

7. Magicfun pepper mill

To end the list, you will find this salt and pepper mill highly recommended for its great quality and really cheap price, being the cheapest you will find on the list. It is a very simple grinder to use, since it is battery-operated and has a sensor that is activated by gravity, activating a blue light automatically.

Like other models on the list, it is a grinder that can be adjusted, going from a fine to a coarse grind easily. It uses 6 AAA batteries to function and it will be an indispensable piece in your meals and dinners.

Key Features:

  • Very easy to use
  • Sensor activated by gravity
  • Uses 6 AAA batteries

Brand: Magicfun

What to look for in a pepper mill?


As you already know, there are factors that you can look for in a pepper mill to be able to choose the best one, where the following stand out:


Pepper mills can exist in different versions or styles, ranging from the most traditional, to ultramodern models that have lights or even an electrical system. The most modern models follow the style of Italian or Greek grinders, with elegant shapes that can be made of materials such as aluminum or other metals.

While, the most modern models, have more chic designs, having transparent bodies to see their interior or even completely black, in addition to having lines of relief or texture that look incredible in the kitchen as decoration.


The grinders exist in different sizes, models that fit in one hand, others that are medium and even much larger models that are usually used in the professional kitchen.

Those who are taller, you must be careful, because they can fall more easily than those of lower height. Regarding the height, size or dimensions, everything will depend on your needs.


The capacity refers to the amount of pepper that you can have in the grinder.

A grinder that has a large capacity is perfect for not having to refill so often, but if you don’t use pepper as often, then the best thing for you will be one with a smaller capacity, this way you can have a fresh spice all the time. .


Many mills can be used not only for pepper, but also for salt, as well as other spices, so if versatility is something you are looking for, it is necessary that the model to choose is capable of carrying ingredients inside.


This is an extremely important factor, it is about how long your grinder is going to last, depending on your grinding system, the material with which it has been created, whether it is steel, ceramic or even carbon.

Making a good investment will guarantee you a grinder that will last longer.

Easy to operate

Here it is necessary that you look at ergonomics, where a grinder that is easier to operate will be much more comfortable for your hands, in addition to obtaining the perfect amount of pepper will be easier, so that you do not add too much to your preparations.

With one or two hands

This will depend on the way you want to operate the grinder, if you want it to be with both hands or with just one for better convenience, versatility, as well as practicality.

A grinder that is operated with one hand allows you to have better mobility, in addition to being extremely practical due to its size, making it possible to use it anywhere.

Manual or electric grinder

An electric or self-operated grinder usually runs on batteries, as well as one-handed power. While, for a manual one, you will have to use both hands to make the twisting movement that allows you to grind the seeds or grains of the desired spice, in this case, pepper.

Method to fill the grinder

Filling a grinder does not have to become a difficult or complicated task, ideally, these have a simple mechanism that allows it to be disassembled to enter the pepper or any other desired spice.

In addition, it will be convenient for you that the grinder is transparent, in this way you will be able to know when and how much it should be refilled.

Grinder type: Manual or electric

This is a factor that will depend on your needs, if you are looking for a more classic style of manual operation or if, on the contrary, you are one of those who seek innovation, technological equipment or that work automatically. Manual grinders will always be cheaper than electric ones, having a grinding system that can leave the grains much smaller, as well as being able to adjust the level of grinding you want.

They come in a great variety of models, materials or options to choose from, so you will have a great variety. But, you also have the electric grinders, these are usually the favorites of many for their ease of use, being able to be operated with one hand, leaving the other free to do other tasks when cooking.

Frequently asked questions about pepper crushers

Are the grinder blades sharp out of the box?

Like any user who cares about his purchase, it is normal that you want to know if the blades of your new grinder will come ready to use, with a cutting edge that allows each grain or pepper seed to be ground. The answer is that, thanks to the materials used such as ceramic or steel, the blades have a perfect edge that will give you an ideal grind to obtain your fresh pepper in any dish.

If you notice that the blades are not so sharp, it is possible that the problem is the peppercorns that have absorbed moisture, with the consequence that they are not ground effectively. To do this, you can put them in the microwave for a moment, leave them for about 30 seconds, dry them, and then put them back in the grinder. After this, it should work perfectly.

Do all pepper mills have an adjustable system?

This is a factor that will depend on the model you choose, because not all of them have the knob at the top that allows you to adjust the level of grinding, but they have a predetermined level of grinding for the beans.

How are pepper mills cleaned?

Unless it is a disposable grinder model , because obviously you will have to clean it from time to time to remove all kinds of residue of black, red, white pepper or any that may clog the ducts of your new utensil. It is important that you follow the steps indicated by the different brands, which may vary depending on the material of the grinder, be it ceramic , steel or even porcelain .

It is a good idea to use a special brush for the outside of the grinder, in addition, if it is not going to be used for a long time, it will be good for you to remove the remains from its interior as well as all the grains or seeds.

To eliminate any pepper flavor, the ideal is to fill the grinder with salt, and then grind some. You can use alcohol to remove any trace of pepper that may have clogged the grinder’s tracks, you just have to let it dry well after doing so.

Will a salt grinder do?

In general, salt mills look a lot like pepper mills, but you should know that they do not always work the same or they can be used by each other.

The mechanisms for grinding in a pepper mill are usually made of stainless steel, so they are much stronger than one used to grind grains of salt, in addition to the fact that, the latter, have a combination in their blades that prevent rust .

The design of the mechanisms is also a difference, pepper mills have systems that open the seeds and then crush them. But, it is also possible to find grinders that work for both or simply buy a set that has both options.


We have caught the key factors to take into account when choosing a pepper mill, we have seen which is a better option between an electric one or one that is manual, we went through a list of incredible options and we also clarified some of the most frequent doubts that their future users usually have.

Now, let me tell you that the Cole & Mason pepper mill is a great option if you are looking for something classic, functional, that perfectly grinds the grains leaving a fine powder for your meals and that also has an excellent price, being the total favorite among all the of the list.

Do not forget the pepper in your dishes, but do not abuse it, remember that in moderation there will always be the key to rich food, as well as healthy. Let’s cook!

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