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The 5 Best Pizza Oven You Can Buy in 2022: Buying Guide

Pizza Oven

The 5 Best Pizza Oven You Can Buy in 2022: Buying Guide

Still can’t find the best oven to prepare your pizzas at home? If you are looking online you will find many makes and models. It is tedious and boring to see and analyze each and every one.

To avoid making a mistake when buying something that is not for you, we have created this special guide for you so that you can purchase the oven that best suits your needs.

Continue reading. You will know in depth the main characteristics of each of these 5 ovens, we will be direct and concise so that you can make an accurate comparison according to their pros and cons. Our goal is for you to be as satisfied as possible with your purchase.

Let’s start at once, this is our analysis of the best ovens that can give you what you are looking for. When you finish reading, you will have made a smart decision.

Buying Guide For The Best Pizza Oven

To choose an oven that is ideal, you have to know your needs, for this you must consider the following things.


When a product works at high temperatures, you need to make sure that the materials are of good quality. A homemade pizza oven can heat up to 400 ° C, if you want it to last for years, make sure that the materials that compose it are very resistant, especially the surfaces, which is where it heats the most.

The griddle below needs to be non-stick. Accept it, when making pizzas the cheese will melt and it will surely fall directly on the griddle. If the surface material isn’t made to prevent food from sticking, you’ll have a good time cleaning your oven.


What size do you like to prepare your pizzas? The general diameter of home ovens is usually 30 cm. With that capacity you can make a good size pizza, and you can even bake a smaller one if you wish.

If you prefer large pizzas, 30 cm ovens are convenient for you, but if you do not see the need to prepare them that way, either because there are not many people in your house, then we advise you to save some money and buy a smaller oven.

Maximum temperature

Not all pizzas are prepared correctly at the same temperature, this greatly influences the ingredients with which they are prepared. Keep this in mind if you are someone who likes to experiment and is always looking to make a different pizza.

You need an oven that offers you, at least, a maximum temperature of 400 ° C. But at the same time you must be able to regulate yourself at various levels, the more levels you can have the better. Don’t forget this if you want to have a wide variety of options when baking.

Stones or resistors?

Ceramic stones distribute heat much better than heating elements, so it is much safer for the pizza to heat up equally on all sides. However, stones need better care, as heat and corrosion will compromise their useful life over time.

Unlike resistors, stones require better maintenance. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is much easier to get resistance responses. If you can choose, we recommend the stones, we only ask you not to neglect them.

Other options that may interest you are the following: better oven stones , wood-fired pizza oven or tabletop ovens , we invite you to see our articles.

The 5 Best Pizza Ovens You Can Buy in 2022: Buying Guide

1. G3 Ferrari G10006B

best brands of pizza ovens

Very good to prepare your pizza in a matter of a few minutes. The G3 Ferrari G1000B6 oven is something you should have in your kitchen. Think about it, not only for you, but when you have a family dinner or visitors come to spend a while.

All you have to do is put the raw pizza on the grill, set the timer, and in 5 to 10 minutes you will have a well-cooked and crispy pizza. The bottom side is heated by means of a stone, while the top side uses resistors. If you are someone who enjoys a wood-flavored pizza, you should know that the stone below helps to give it that slight taste.


  • Pizzas ready in less than 10 minutes.
  • It is not very heavy, reaching only 5 Kg.


  • It may be necessary to flip the pizza.
  • The temperature control may jam.
  • It only works with 230V.

2. Kukoo – Electric oven

best brands of pizza ovens

The biggest advantage of this oven lies in the size and capacity. It is designed with two bedrooms that can be turned on and off independently, you can make more pizza twice as fast. On the other hand, the width of each bedroom is 40 cm, with a depth of about 39 cm. This oven can be your solution to make bigger pizzas. Do you see why we told you that it will be very useful in your food business?

It can reach a temperature of up to 390 ° C, which will allow you to prepare many types of pizzas and other foods. However, for something with its dimensions, weight, and capacity, you might expect to be able to bake at higher temperatures.


  • Two bedrooms to bake two pizzas up to 40 cm in diameter.


  • It weighs more than 30 Kg.
  • Its use is more commercial than home.

3. Ferrari G10032 Pizza Oven

Ferrari pizza oven

Going back to home models, the Ferrari G10032 may be the oven for you if you are looking for something much more efficient when it comes to baking your pizza in a matter of minutes.

This model differs from others of the brand due to its improvement in the cooking process. It has a stone on each side, the resistances have been eliminated so the heat is distributed more evenly, making it one of the best electric ovens.

However, it is not free of errors, some of the models may not heat the same across the entire surface, that’s when it is necessary to turn the pizza. However, even though it is something that is not to everyone’s liking, your pizza will be perfectly cooked as long as you are aware.


  • Stones on both sides for better cooking than with heating elements .
  • The temperature control works without problems.


  • Sometimes it is necessary to turn the pizzas.
  • It only works with 230V.


sale of pizza ovens

Now we continue with one of the best options in value for money. The SPICE SPP029-R oven is your efficient pizza maker that you can buy for less than € 100, making it a fairly affordable homemade pizza oven.

That price does not make you suspicious. You have here a homemade oven that is not designed to be professional and that is fine, it does what it offers. You can have your pizzas ready in a few minutes. It is efficient with raw, precooked and even frozen doughs. Of course, depending on the state, the cooking time will vary.

It offers a 30 cm capacity, with which you can bake good-sized pizzas for more than two people. With this SPICE oven you can get out of trouble if you need a quick meal for a meeting or dinner.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • It only weighs 5 kg.
  • The material is stainless steel.


  • Stains on the iron are difficult to remove.
  • It takes time to reach maximum temperature.

5. Peppo – Pizza oven

This Peppo pizza oven is an ideal model for homemade preparations, so keep in mind that you should not expect professional results without any inconvenience. You need to know the trick.

At first, it is a bit complex to adapt to the oven, since the ceramic stone on the bottom tends to overheat, leaving the pizzas a little overcooked. However, having only three levels to regulate the temperature, it does not offer much freedom, since with some pizzas you will need the highest, and you will have to take into account that there is the risk of burning.


  • Lightweight and easy to clean.
  • Various accessories.


  • Stone wears out quickly over time.
  • Affordable price, plus does not guarantee everything it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Pizza Ovens

What is an electric pizza oven?

This is a practical appliance, light in weight and generally small in size, so it is easy to move and can be used almost anywhere, both at home and elsewhere.

These appliances seek to imitate the cooking of industrial electric pizza ovens, so they are capable of reaching high temperatures that translate into fast and uniform cooking of pizzas or other foods that can be cooked in them.

Most have adjustable thermostat or time regulators to obtain a result with the desired taste and texture or according to the requirements of the preparation of each diner.

Why buy a pizza oven?

One of the main reasons to buy these ovens is that they are very simple to use and, in addition, they are quite practical for people who usually prepare these types of dishes on a regular basis.

Cooking can be controlled easily and results are fast. They are also very easy to clean and are very good value for money. Many of these ovens are versatile, because they have wide uses. They are not only used to prepare pizzas, but many other foods or desserts.

In addition, being small in size, they can be located or stored anywhere in the kitchen without taking up much space and can also be transported from one place to another if necessary because they are quite light.

How much is an electric pizza oven worth?

If you are interested in buying one of these practical electric pizza ovens, it is necessary that you know the variety of models of this appliance available on the market today. You can find models with a cheap price that range from 40 to 80 euros for ovens with non-stick coating and with the basic necessary functions that they require to function effectively.

The most expensive are usually those that have a stone plate where the investment can range from about 80 euros to 150 euros depending on the brand, materials, size and power.


The ideal oven for you is not the most expensive, nor is it the one with the most accessories. Remember, you are looking for something homemade, know your needs and choose the product that can satisfy them all.

We hope we have helped you make the right decision. Choosing between so many products is not easy, but with a guide like this, our goal is to make it as less complicated as possible, we want you to make your purchase quickly, and also be pleased with it.

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