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Best Portable Induction Hot Plate Cooktop for Stove Top Rated 2022

Best Induction Hot Plate

Best Portable Induction Hot Plate Cooktop for Stove Top Rated 2022

In different hot plate induction tests. It can be read that these special plates provide faster and more energy-efficient cooking. In particular, when things need to be fast, for example after a long day at work, induction hobs are very advantageous when heating pots and pans.

A particular advantage of induction cooktops is that they are mobile and can therefore be used anywhere, for example at a garden party or at camp. They take up very little space and help ensure you don’t have to wait long for food.

Induction hobs – For fast mobile cooking

Anyone who has had a house full of guests certainly knows the problem. Hotplates and a built-in oven are busy and exactly one plate is still missing from the stove by a bit. In such a case, or if, for example, there is not enough space available for a large stove, this helps a mobile use induction hob. The cooktop can be Beikochen, to keep warm while grilling, similar to a hotplate, or used directly on the table.

 In the garden or on camping trips, an induction hob is also a practical companion due to its flexible ease of use, as well as its size and low weight. Food heats up very quickly, not only saving time but also reducing energy costs efficiently. In the area of induction hobs, There is a multitude of models that leave no limits to your own needs in terms of usability. Preset programs make cooking a breeze. Due to the increasing demand in the field of mobile hobs, we have an Induction hobs comparison carried out and the results recorded below.

Take a look

  • The induction cooker They are available in different designs and in different sizes. They exist as single induction hobs and double induction hobs , to give individual application possibilities. They can be used for their self-supporting and flexible appearance in locations with an existing power connection.
  • Only certain kitchen utensils can be used for the use of an induction hob. The floor must be made of ferromagnetic material. As a result, the heat passes directly into the pot, making the cooking process much faster.
  • All induction hobs are equipped with protection against overheating. This protection prevents the hot plate from getting too hot and causing a short circuit. Non-slip feet ensure secure support. Through the feet are the induction hobs not directly on the ground, thus preventing the surface from being damaged by heat.
  • It will be the first time a single induction hot plate or a double induction cooktop Used, many questions arise. In our induction hob comparison, we will answer these questions and therefore offer a little help with the purchase of induction hob. Several comparison sites have already performed induction hob tests, which show clear advantages of induction hobs. Induction hobs from experiences, from friends or family, can buy induction hobs often very useful.

What is a single or double induction hob?

Induction hobs usually have a glass or ceramic surface. The material is particularly hard and is characterized by its high level of heat resistance. Unlike a glass-ceramic hob, an induction hob works with magnetic fields. Beneath the surface, there are coils that are responsible for generating the magnetic field in order to be guided further towards pots or pans. There are electrons that heat the metal through circular motions.

 The stronger the magnetic field, the more the metal heats up with cookware. The contents of the containers heat up much faster and the doneness is reached earlier. A single induction hob or a double induction hob, depending on the manufacturer and model, is operated by a rotary control or a touch control panel.

 As can be seen from our single induction hob and dual induction hob comparison, the ease of use allows the desired temperature to be set individually. While the cookware heats up evenly, the hot plate remains pleasantly cool. This prevents burns and makes it almost impossible to burn food. SeveralIndividual induction cookers and Double induction hob tests. have shown that some models already have preset programs that make it even easier and faster for use

Special properties of induction hobs.

Buy single induction hobs or a Buy double induction hob It means cooking fast and above all mobile anywhere. By quickly reaching the desired temperature, the cooking time is reduced by a multiple. Our Induction hob comparison not only provides an overview of the various models, but also their features and characteristics. The following features can be found on a single induction hob and a double induction hob:

Residual heat indicator

The induction hob does not heat up on its own, but it does get a bit hot from heated cookware. However, it cools down quickly as soon as the cookware is removed, so the risk of injury is excluded.

Auto power off Best Induction Hot Plate

As a general rule, induction hobs are equipped with automatic shutdown. If the cooktop is not used for a certain period of time, it automatically shuts off, helping to save energy costs.

Automatic bread detection

When the induction hot plate is turned on, an electromagnetic field has generated that changes as soon as the cookware is placed on the plate or lowered. If it is a cookware that does not have ferromagnetic properties, the cooktop will turn off immediately.

The timer function

A variety of induction hobs are equipped with a timer function. This ensures that the hot plate turns off automatically as soon as the preset time is reached. An optical and acoustic signal often indicates the end of the cooking time.

Turbo / Boost function

This feature is activated by touching a field on the hot plate display. The maximum cooking or cooking time is doubled with this function for a short period of time. After reaching the set temperature, the temperature automatically returns to the normal setting.

Effortless cleaning of induction hobs.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can sometimes be unavoidable for induction hobs to be contaminated by falling food. Leftover food should be disposed of immediately, but unfortunately, time does not always increase. In this case, a countertop scraper can be used, since, with its help, leftovers can be easily and easily removed. Otherwise, a commercially available dishwashing liquid and a damp cloth are sufficient for a thorough cleaning, in order to make the induction hobs shine in a new light.

The current comparison test with induction hobs.

Who likes to cook a lot can often have problems with the number of existing plates. So that this problem does not occur, it can be created with a single induction hob or with a double induction hob remedy. They require little space and can be used as needed. In our individual induction hobs and double induction hobs Comparison, We analyzed five different models and recorded the results on an induction hob guide.

I’m Bereich der individual – induction cooker We have chosen the Tefal IH2018 Everyday induction hob as a comparative winner. The hob is equipped with six preset programs that can be easily operated via the touch screen. Automatic shutdown begins after five minutes of inactivity and turns off the cooktop. As a winner of the award could Eltac simple induction hob completely convincing The practical quick start function determines the exact position of the pot. In this way, the corresponding cooking zone is selected and the power level is set directly. 

In the area of ​​double induction hobs, the Rommelsbacher CT 3410 / IN double induction hob emerged as the winner of the competition. The double boiler stove has a frameless stove without gutters, which makes cleaning easy. A residual heat indicator provides a high level of safety to avoid burns. As a price-performance winner in the field of dual induction hobs, the Profi-Cook PC-DKI 1067 dual induction heating plate was able to prevail. After setting up parental lock, no further settings can be made,

Advantages and disadvantages of induction hobs.

Benefits Best Induction Hot Plate

energy and energy saving


easy cleaning

possible exact cooking

rapid heating

Disadvantages Best Induction Hot Plate

Power connection must be available

Only usable with induction cookware.

Verdict according to Stiftung Warentest induction hobs

Stiftung Warentest does not yet have a single induction hob or double induction hob test. done so no Winning induction hob test could be determined Both on 10.09.2009 and 29.01.2015 have already undergone induction cooking tests, where they have analyzed more closely the cooking, energy consumption, handling, safety, and noise during cooking.

Conclusion about induction hobs.

Anyone who often welcomes guests or who doesn’t just want to turn to the grill on vacation will get one. single – induction cooker or un amazed double induction hob n, The operation of these plates is very simple. They have enormous functionality so that they can be used individually. A variety of equipment options get individual models excited. Quick heating saves a lot of energy and reduces the time required to cook. Thanks to the preset programs, it is much easier to prepare different dishes. A particular advantage of induction hobs is that they turn off automatically after the time set by the timer function has expired.



This is, hands down, the best induction cooktop for those who are serious about cooking on the go. Whether you suddenly need to make a five-course meal or want to make hot chocolate at campground, the Control Freak has the precision to make it happen.

With a thermostat that touches the pot, you can be sure the temperature will be accurate to within one degree. That precision makes cooking food at specific temperatures a breeze, as there is no need to monitor the temperature or the product continuously.

Control is also combined with the assurance that heat is only transferred to the pan. Because of this, you can walk away and let it simmer while you take care of what you’re cooking on your classic stove.


BRAND: PolyScience Culinary
COLOR: Silver/Black
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel


  • The Control Freak has the largest burner on this list, making it ideal for those who need to cook a meal using a larger pan.
  • The temperature control is guaranteed to keep the heat within two degrees of the ideal temperature.
  • The inductor coil heats up faster than both Gas and Electric, boiling water in under 20 minutes.


  • It does not come with much instruction. (That’s the worst part.)



Marketed as a business model, it is heavier. This induction hob offers an evenly cooked product without burning the edges. The glass lid makes cleaning easy, ideal for both chefs and scientists.

Even if you spill something on the glass surface, it will not cook. Instead, the only temperature transfer will be the heat that is transferred from the bottom of the pot. To run at full power, a good amount of electricity is required.

So make sure you have a dedicated circuit for this behemoth. This is due to the 20 power settings that allow for precise temperature adjustments. It also has a timer which, along with the safety appeal of the inductor, makes it ideal for those who want to be able to walk away while food is cooking.


BRAND: Duxtop
COLOR: Silver/Black
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
WEIGHT: 13.77 Pounds


  • Twenty power settings allow for optimal settings for any meal.
  • It heats up quickly, while you are still able to touch the burner where you will only feel the heat that was transferred from the pot.
  • The glass cover makes for easy cleanup and storage when you’re finished.


  • It’s larger bulkier size will take up a large percentage of counter space. (It is lightweight, however.)
  • The Duxtop beeps very loudly with each press of a button. There is no way to get around this short of cutting the wire connected to the speaker. (Not recommended)



This is a much more compact induction burner for those who need to cook on the go, but can’t risk taking up extra space. However, its smaller size prohibits some larger containers. If I tried to use them, the center would get hot and the edges would take much longer to catch up.

The LCD display makes operating the inductor a breeze, ideal for people of all ages. That makes this one of the easiest to use on the list. With one-touch boil and simmer options, you can make a hearty stew in no time.

Make a great fondue and let it sit without worrying about someone getting burned with the burner open. With simple cleaning, food preparation times will be cut in half with a noticeable improvement in taste.


BRAND: Max Burton
COLOR: Black
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
WEIGHT: 6 Pounds


  • It is a more compact option from this list. The small size makes for ample room on your counter and secure storage.
  • The flat and sleek look makes the surface easy to clean.
  • For its size, it is remarkably powerful. It will heat up just as fast as it’s larger competitors.


  • The six-inch inductor coil makes any wish of cooking with larger pots a pipe dream. You can try, but you will end up with food that is burnt in the middle, and undercooked on the edges.
  • The beeping is loud, and nothing can be done about it.



This inductor also offers an application with recipes. If you prefer, however, you can enter which ingredients you have at home and make you give a delicious recipe that you can cook in your new induction cuisine.

The application also allows you to control the temperature remotely. This will allow you to turn it off from the other side of the room, keeping your burn food while you are worried. It can reach up to 475 degrees without any drop in its performance.

With ten energy configurations, you are sure to be able to cook everything from the budget ramon to a gourmet steak with all sides. All this allows a genuinely unique cooking experience.


BRAND: Hestan Cue
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
SIZE: Gen 1
MODEL NAME: Smart Bundle
DIMENSIONS: 19 x 11 x 4 Inches


  • The app allows you impressive easy to follow recipes and remote connectivity to the inductor.
  • Heats up quickly and maintains heat over a long period.
  • Step by step instructions with the recipes, going as far as to heat the pan remotely by itself while you take care of preparation.


  • The app is plagued with advertisements and the occasional bug.
  • The app only has a couple of dozen unique recipes, and most of those have a lot of elements repeated.
  • The larger size takes up a lot of space, making preparation space slim.



Add elegance to innovation is what this inductor has to offer. The Isiler has protection against overheating and a child-proof block to make sure it has nothing to worry about when it comes to protecting its loved ones.

Add the already safe burner of induction cuisine, and your kitchen will soon be the safest room in your home. It also has an upper glass part that protects against dirt, in addition to keeping the inductor safe from normal wear.

The buttons on the surface of the machine are intuitive and easy to use, which makes it the choice of new and experienced chefs equally. Isiler is so sure you will enjoy your product, which offers a 90-day return policy, as well as a 12-month warranty.

Adjust the timer for up to 3 hours in advance for meals that will not need a vigilant eye. You can also take advantage of the 17 options for temperature and energy to take full advantage of each meal.


COLOR: Black
MATERIAL: Ceramic Glass
WEIGHT: 5.1 Pounds


  • Safety measures added on top of the already safe inductor coil.
  • Sleek design with many customization options.
  • Glass cover makes it easy to clean and prevents wear and tear.


  • Temperature is that of the coil, not the pan. This can lead to some errors if you’re not careful.
  • The sleek top can cause pans to slide if not placed on an even surface. This is due to the lack of any traction on the surface.



You can get the double cooking with this double stove stop inductor. The elegant and thin design will fit with any number of decorations.

Use the LCD screen to fully optimize the Duxtop to customize the power and heating modes for whatever your plate requires. High and low-voltage warning systems will inform you if there is a problem as it occurs.

This allows you to fix it on the fly and then re-do what makes you better, cooking that fantastic meal that will love your family and friends.

The two separate dual burners will not be heated as fast as singular models. But this is due to the distribution of a source of solitary energy between them. While using one at a time, it should be able to coincide with its unique models.


BRAND: Duxtop
COLOR: Dark Black
STYLE: Cooktop


  • This model’s dual stovetops are perfect for those who love to multitask.
  • The sleek and elegant design is beautiful and makes for easy cleanup once you’re finished.


  • It requires a little more power and performs slightly slower than the single stovetop models.

Best Commercial induction burner

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  • Vollrath Induction Range
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Best Induction Hot Plate
Best Induction Hot Plate

Who makes the best induction hot plate?

Best Overall: Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

With more than 4,000 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon, the Duxtop 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop is one of the highest-rated portable induction cooktops currently available.

Which is a better hot plate or induction cooker?

Standard electric plates will work with all cookware, while induction hot plates can only be used with induction-compatible cookware, like most stainless steel or cast iron. … However, since induction cooking uses electromagnetic field technology, it tends to heal faster and with more precision than non-induction plates.

Are induction hot plates better?

Energy Efficiency — Cooking an induction type hot plate is definitely faster when compared to cooking with a gas or electric burner as heat in the induction cooking process is generated within the pan itself — more of the heat gets instantly to the food resulting is faster, more even cooking.

Which induction burner is best?

Induction CooktopsPowerWeight
Preethi Excel Plus Induction Cooktop1600 watts2.5 kg
Secura 9100MC Portable Induction Cooktop1800 watts3 kg
DUXTOP Portable Induction Cooktop1800 watts3 kg
Hamilton Beach 34104 Single Induction Cooktop1800 watts3.5 kg

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Best Induction Hot Plate

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