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5 Best Snow Blower Of 2022: Top-Rated & Best-Selling

Best Snow Blower

5 Best Snow Blower Of 2022: Top-Rated & Best-Selling

With the arrival of winter it is normal that the entrances of the houses are filled with snow and it is not possible to walk freely or even park the car.

To solve this there are snow blowers. Of course, given the number of models on the market, it is important to know how to choose the most appropriate according to what you need.

The snow blower, also known as a snow blower, is a machine whose function is to remove snow from certain areas such as a driveway, driveway, sidewalk, etc. It works thanks to an auger or impeller that moves the snow. It can be powered by electricity or battery, or also by gasoline or diesel.

How To Choose A Snow Blower?

To choose the best snow blower you must take into account some key factors. In this guide we tell you what are the specifications that you should pay attention to when buying one of these tools.

Snow Collection Capacity

When choosing a snow blower you should take into account its snow collection capacity and choose a model according to your needs.

If the amount of snow that accumulates is usually about 30 cm and you remove it while it is still fresh, you can buy a light and easy-to-handle snow plow; maybe an electric or battery model is enough. But if you want a machine to work with larger snowfalls with accumulations of more than 30 cm, it is best to choose a more powerful snow blower such as gasoline, since they will facilitate your work.


This is a factor that is related to the amount of snow to be removed. Depending on this, you will have to choose between three models: the one-stage, the two-stage or the three-stage.

  • Single stage snow blowers are ideal for clearing driveways, sidewalks, walkways that have light to moderate snow. They are compact and lightweight machines, so they are more maneuverable. However, they are not the most recommended for when there is heavy and wet snow.
  • In that case, you should opt for a two-stage snow blower. This model uses two mechanisms to separate heavy snow and propel it through a discharge chute. They are larger than single-stage machines, so they take up more space, but are more efficient and powerful.
  • There are also three-stage models. However, these are machines designed for a more commercial use or for owners with very large areas, who also need to clean them quickly. They are capable of clearing snow up to 50% faster than a two-stage model, but are much larger and more expensive.


It is important that you choose a model that has speed controls. Thanks to this you will be able to set the rhythm of the machine depending on the amount of snow to be removed, either in a backward or forward movement.

Most modern snow blowers come with controllable speed settings, on all high end. However, it is recommended to make sure of this to avoid surprises.

Type Of Terrain

You should know that the type of terrain will also determine the type of snow blower you need, especially its traction system. On the one hand, if you need a machine to use it on asphalt or hard terrain with a moderate unevenness, you should opt for a model with wheels without traction.

If you need it to work on dirt or asphalt terrain that has a high degree of unevenness, it is best to buy a wheel-drive snow blower. And regardless of the type of terrain, if it is one with a high possibility of ice forming, you should opt for a caterpillar system.

Additional Features

These machines can incorporate certain extra elements that could facilitate their use or make it more useful. One option may be the power steering function, which helps to have better maneuverability while clearing the snow.

It will make driving easier, especially if you are on surfaces with curves or unevenness, in large spaces or in nooks that are difficult to access.

Another very helpful extra on snow blowers is the LED lights. Thanks to them you will be able to use the machine even when there is little light. You may also find models that have hot handles, which add comfort while using the tool.

5 Best S5 Best Snow Blower Of 2022: Top-Rated & Best-Selling

1. Ariens Deluxe 28

5 Best Snow Blower Of 2022
5 Best Snow Blower Of 2022

For no-nonsense and rugged two-stage performance, the Ariens Deluxe 28 offers consistent power and easy handling in the worst winter conditions.

It features a 254cc EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) engine for constant speed with no power drops. With an electric governor, it starts the engine in rough or wet conditions where carburetor motors can stall or stall.

And the dual belts deliver more power from the motor, driving the 14-inch toothed steel augers and 14-inch three-blade impeller to launch the dump hard up to 50 feet.

With a 28-inch wide clearance and a 21-inch driveway, minimal passes are required to efficiently clear snow up to 16 inches deep. A large joystick provides remote control of the chute that rotates 205 degrees, and both pitch and direction can be controlled for precise discharge location.

A unique Auto Turn steering system and self-propelled transmission with six forward speeds and two reverse speeds allow for effortless handling.

Large 16-inch directional snow studs provide agility, traction and superior grip in icy conditions. A square image of a man clearing a driveway with the Ariens Deluxe snow blower with a mountain in soft focus in the background.

The electric start button instantly starts the engine, and an in-dash halogen headlight lets you operate safely in the dark or in low-light conditions. Partial assembly is required and this unit weighs 249.8 pounds. Ariens offers a three-year five-year warranty on the cast iron auger gearbox.

2. Cub Cadet 2X 26HP

5 Best Snow Blower Of 2022
5 Best Snow Blower Of 2022

When you want powerful performance and easy handling for heavy, wet snow and deep drifts, the Cub Cadet offers nimble handling in a muscular package.

It features a 243cc OHV (overhead valve) engine and two-stage serrated steel augers that cut down on snow down to 12 inches or the mess left by plows. A close-up square image of the blue, yellow, and black Cub Cadet 2X 26 HP on a white background.

The well-designed dash features two LED headlights for clearing after dark or working in low light. Plus, an electric start that starts instantly, even in cold temperatures.

It has a 26-inch cleaning width with a 21-inch tall inlet plus an adjustable shaving plate that makes clean and neat sweeps. A large, remote lever provides easy four-way ramp control that adjusts both pitch and direction to launch the dump up to 40 feet.

A trigger-controlled zero-turn Posi-Steer power steering system provides effortless handling and the self-propelled transmission has six forward and two reverse gears, allowing you to set the pace to handle all challenging terrain and conditions.

A square image showing the yellow and black Cub Cadet being used to shovel snow in the yard with a house and trees in the background.

The Cub Cadet is equipped with sturdy 16-inch X-Trac tires for sticky grip and excellent traction, and tough, non-slip polyethylene shoes glide over surfaces for smooth, scratch-free maneuverability.

This unit weighs 227 pounds and requires minor assembly. The Cub Cadet includes a three-year and five-year warranty on the cast aluminum gearbox.

3. Ryobi 20 Corded RYAC803-S

5 Best Snow Blower Of 2022

A corded electric blower, the Ryobi 20 offers reliable, light-duty performance in rainfall six to eight inches deep. A close-up square image of the Ryobi 20 RYAC803-S illustrated on a white background. The 13-amp electric motor provides plenty of constant power to the 10-inch single-stage plastic auger and offers a launch distance of up to 25 feet.

Lightweight at just 46 pounds and easy to handle, it’s convenient for use on decks and patios, as well as walkways and walkways, and has a 20-inch cleaning width with a 14-inch driveway height.

An electric start button provides instant power and a cord retainer prevents your extension cord from coming loose while in operation. Plus, the maintenance-free engine means no fuel stabilizers, gas cans, oil changes, or tune-ups to deal with.

A close-up square image of the Ryobi 20 RYAC803 illustrated on a white background. The remote channel rotation lever adjusts the channel direction up to 180 degrees and the pitch can be adjusted manually. For added convenience, the handle folds down for compact storage.

You’ll need an outdoor-grade extension cord, like this one, also from Home Depot. It is 30 meters long. This model is backed by Ryobi’s three-year limited warranty.

4. Snow Joe Ion 18SB

The Snow Joe Ion 18SB is a convenient cordless electric blower that provides efficient and light cleaning.

It is powered by a 40-volt, four-amp rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The eight-inch, single-stage steel auger with rubber blades offers effective snow removal up to eight inches deep and delivers discharge up to 20 feet.

A square close-up image of the blue and black Snow Joe Ion 18SB pictured on a white background.

Snow Joe Ion 18SB

Much quieter than gas machines, the lithium-ion battery provides up to 45 minutes of cleaning with no gas, oil, carbon emissions, or tangled electrical wires to deal with.

Start-up is instantaneous with the electric start button. It has an 18-inch cleaning width with a 14-inch entry height, and the rubber scraper lifts to the ground for clean sweeps.

A handle-mounted joystick provides fingertip adjustment to the discharge chute up to 180 degrees, and the pitch can be manually adjusted with an easy-grip ribbed polyethylene knob. A square image of a man cleaning a sidewalk using a Snow Joe Ion 18SB with log houses in the background.

An LED headlight improves visibility before sunrise or after dark and the lightweight design weighing just 32 pounds makes it versatile and portable, ideal for clearing decks and patios. Simple assembly is required without the need for tools. The Ion 18SB is Energy Star certified with CSA and ETL certification and comes with a full two-year warranty.

5. Toro Power Clear 721 QZE

5 Best Snow Blower Of 2022
5 Best Snow Blower Of 2022

For reliable performance in light duty conditions, the Toro Power Clear provides easy handling and efficient clearing in a single stage model. A close up square image of the red and black Toro Power Clear 721 QZE pictured on a white background.

It features a 212cc OHV (overhead valve) engine and a curved rubber paddle auger that reduces clogs to help you clean quickly and efficiently, throwing the discharge up to 35 feet. This model is suitable for six to eight inches of snow.

The single gear, self-propelled drive thrusts the blower through the snow for easy handling while the compression scraper is in constant contact with the ground for a clean sweep.

Powering up is easy and reliable with the electric push button starter. And the chute direction, which can pivot up to 210 degrees, can be swiftly changed with a quick-shoot trigger.

A close up square image of a homeowner clearing a driveway using the Toro Power Clear 721 QZE with a stone house in soft focus in the background. Weighing in at just 87 pounds, it is lightweight and deft, the gear box, housing, and Power Curve paddle system are all constructed of heavy-duty plastic.

It has a clearing width of 21 inches, the paddle is eight and a half inches in diameter, and the intake is 12.5 inches. Minor assembly is required. Toro provides a two-year full warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions: 5 Best Snow Blower Of 2022

Why Buy A Snow Blower?

Snow blowers can be very useful tools and can even be essential depending on where you live. Regardless of whether winter is mild or harsh, these machines will be of great help to eliminate the obstacle posed by snow on the road and to be able to walk through them without problem.

And, thanks to these tools, removing snow from the driveway of your house, garage, sidewalk or anywhere else will no longer be a problem. You can do it without too much effort and the best of all is that in less time than it would take you to do it manually or otherwise than with this tool.

How Many Types Of Snow Blowers Are There?

In addition to the differentiation between one, two or three stage snow blowers, these machines differ according to their power system. Therefore you will find them electric or gasoline. Find out what characteristics each one has.


It is a model that is powered by electrical energy. It is recommended for owners of small areas where there are no problems with electricity and the connection to it.

The width of the work of this type of blower ranges between 30 and 40 cm, so they are ideal for land where the snow layer does not exceed 30 cm. They are tools capable of working on sloping terrain and stand out for being silent. There are only one stage.


This is the most recommended model for working on large surfaces. Its working width can reach up to 60 or 70 cm. They are more powerful, fast and effective than electric models. You can find two types: one-stage and two-stage.

As a general rule, single-stroke engines have two-stroke engines and two-stage engines are equipped with four-stroke engines. The downside to gas-powered snow blowers is that they are louder and also require more maintenance from you.

How Much Is A Snow Blower Worth?

Price is another important factor to consider when purchasing a snow blower. You should know that this type of tool has a very wide price range. That is, you can find cheap models from just over 100 euros, to find other really expensive models that even exceed 1500 euros.

A cheap model can be the VidaXL Snow Blower, which has a power of 2000 W and offers a cleaning width of 45 cm, and costs just over 110 euros. The cheapest you can get up to 300 euros and are usually electric (battery). They are the most suitable for small, level and paved areas.

The mid-range ones are between 350 and 850 euros approximately. They are usually single-stage gasoline models, although there are also two. They are perfect for working in medium sized and level driveways. Starting at 900 euros you will find high-end models, very powerful and generally with two stages and even some small three-stage ones.

How To Start A Snow Blower?

It is important that you know that these blowers can be operated by manual or electric start. The manual version has a pull cord and requires a longer procedure depending on the model. Therefore, it is recommended to read the manufacturer’s instructions well to follow their steps to the letter.

With the electric start the process of starting the snow blower is easier. These models include a starter motor that you only have to connect long enough until it starts. Today most gasoline models are equipped with electric starters, as they make them easy to use.

What Is A Snow Thrower And How Does It Work?

A snow blower is used to remove snow from roads, patios, driveways, and other surfaces where snow causes a nuisance or poses a hazard. A snow plow uses a rotating auger to suck snow into a discharge chute. The ramp then dumps the snow aside out of the way of the snow plow.

The amount of snow moved by the snow blower depends on the width of the clearance and the height of the machine entry. The wider it is, the more easily you can clear larger areas. The higher the entry height, the deeper the snow you can successfully deal with; however, this is also affected by the power of the machine and the number of stages involved.

The most powerful machines include an impeller and a throttle that allow the machine to deal with more snow and move it further and at a higher speed.

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