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Best Toilet Plunger Bathroom & Sink Plunger Toilet Parts Reviews 2022

Toilet Plunger

Best Toilet Plunger Bathroom & Sink Plunger Toilet Parts Reviews 2022

If you have gone through the disgusting moment in which the toilet gets clogged, the water comes out of the toilet and it is all full of pee overflowing on the bathroom floor, you will undoubtedly know how much you have to spend by hiring an expert.

You can avoid this and save a few bucks along the way if you look for the best toilet plunger to help you keep your pipes unblocked.

The Best Toilet Plungers

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What is the best toilet plunger?

A good bathroom plunger is simply one that does its job as efficiently as possible. However, this will also depend on the shape and size of your toilet.

However, a good plunger should have adapter rubbers that conform to the shape of any toilet, a plastic handle at a minimum, and a drip tray where it can drain.

Something with a good quality-price ratio will also come in handy

If you still have some doubts, maybe you can take a look at the list we have made for you, where you will surely find what you need.

Here are the best toilet plungers:

1. Rothenberger 0006 toilet plunger

Effective and easy to use

ROTHENBERGER Industrial Pressluft ...


Removing the waste that clogs your pipes no longer requires home remedies that do not work or that cause more problems than they solve, because with this plunger you can have the job ready in a short time.

The product of the Rothenberger brand is powerful, highly recommended for jams sinks and other pipes, a great help for jams in the toilet produced by paper hygienic and ideal for pipes starting to overflow because of rolls of hairs .

One of its great advantages is that it not only unclogs the toilet , but also has adapters that will allow you to use this product in any clogged drain .

Its users recommend starting it mainly when the drain has water, to remove the residue responsible for the obstruction more easily.

It is a product of easy use and simple storage, in addition, it is very hygienic and will keep your pipes completely free of residues.

2. Luko Pneumatic Pipe Cleaner

Efficient and versatile

LUKO BRICO SL presents Unblocker ...


Equipped with a pacifier that works thanks to the power of compressed air, this plunger for toilets and other drains is a great ally to remove waste and eliminate any obstruction that may be in the sink or shower pipe.

It is, basically, a pneumatic gun, which is placed in the clogged pipe with a slight pressure that takes more power when firing the trigger to remove the clogging, for example, from the clogged toilet, the bathroom drain and even the from the kitchen.

It has an adjustable rear air valve with which you can select the level of power you need to use to get rid of the traffic jam.

It is a last generation, robust and resistant product that will give you faster and better results than chemical products or hot water .

It has a fairly reasonable cost and offers you effective solutions.

3. MetroDecor 9946MDBST Bathroom Plunger

Hygienic, with support and easy storage

mDesign Bathroom plunger –...


Made of high-end rubber and stainless steel , this manufacturer’s plunger will keep the drains in your home clean and will be a great ally when it comes to combating the obstruction of any clogged toilet without the need to hire a plumber .

It is a very good quality and very hygienic product, ideal for keeping bathroom pipes clean, and especially the toilet bowl . In addition, it has a strategically pleasant design that makes it part of any decoration.

This homemade plunger is practical and requires assembly, it is also a fairly simple solution to keep your bathrooms clean. The best thing is that it won’t get in your way anywhere because it can be easily stored. You will see fast results.

It also works for the sink or for any other clogged pipe that you may have in your house. It has a simple and comfortable grip and aesthetic and tasteful finishes.

4. Silverline Tools Drain Cleaner

With ergonomic handle

Silverline 395010 - Screw plunger ...


Designed with technology similar to using a professional of the area, the plunger of pipes not only runs on all toilets , but it is perfectly suitable also for any clogged drain that you have in your house.

It is made up of a flexible rod that is inserted, turning it up and down, in the pipe where the blockage is located and has a rotating handle to uncover persistent blockages, this one, from the manufacturer Silverline, has a pistol-like design.

By using this method to unblock your toilet or any other pipe or drain in your house, you will get rid of the need to use sulfuric acid , liquid plunger or unclogging gel , it does not require extra products and it works perfectly.

It is a product with an ergonomic handle, practical, easy to use and easy to wash and store once the work of unblocking the pipe has been completed.

5. Luigi’s toilet plunger

Powerful, easy to clean and store

The Best Manual Pipe Cleaner ...


Specially manufactured for toilets, with this plunger your toilet will be clean and free of all obstructions in a short time. It is a powerful unblocking product that has 8 times the unlocking force of any traditional plunger.

One of its main qualities is focused on the style of its design that will allow you to do the job in any type of toilet regardless of its dimensions and the size of its bowl as it adjusts to its size.

It works mainly by placing the narrow end in the toilet where the clog is to pump without the need to create a vacuum, which facilitates the work in those toilets that have non-traditional designs and thus unblock the pipe.

It is an easy to clean and store plunger, you just remove the handle and store it in a small closet with the other bathroom accessories . It is not a suitable product for sinks.

6. Joyooo Professional Drain Cleaner

With four adapters for different pipes

Aozzy 51 'Manual Spiral Plunger Plunger ...


Finding a plunger that works for the toilet and any other pipe or drain in your home no longer means investing in more than one product because this, professional quality, has different ways of unclogging , thanks to its adapters.

Its design, similar to that of a pistol, has an ergonomic handle and resistant materials. It works by generating vacuum and each one of the hood valves that it offers, serves various types of pipes or plugged orifices. It basically works by generating compressed air.

It is a powerful product that performs better than water products with chemical cleaners and even better than home remedies such as baking soda and vinegar .

It is suitable for unclogging bathtubs and drains clogged by hairs . It is also good for cleaning the pipes in the shower, the drain pipes and the ones that are connected to the sink.

7. Wolfpack large “carsa” plunger 2660055

For industrial jobs



Created in the traditional style of plunger, this product is one of the most popular on the market, it is made of top-of-the-range rubber, with a wooden handle and is strong and robust enough for industrial jobs.

It works with a traditional pacifier that generates vacuum in the hole of the pipe or the toilet, generating the unblocking quickly and without major efforts

It is the ideal product for pipes, drains, the toilet and even for sinks. Having one of these at home will guarantee you a quick solution in case the toilet has been clogged by poop or if you have a blockage in the sink.

It is a simple to use plunger, you don’t have to be professionals to know how it works. It is resistant, of quality, made to last a lifetime, in addition, it is easy to store, you can store it in any small closet.

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How to choose the best plunger

When buying a good plunger for your toilet, it is not only a matter of selecting the most expensive or cheapest option but also taking into account a series of qualities that will make the simple and work of unblocking the pipe more efficient, these characteristics are :

Sealing ability against the bottom of the bowl

This quality is essential because it will depend on the plunger to function efficiently in the toilet.

If the plunger is able to seal with force to the bottom of the toilet bowl, the vacuum generated in the plunge will act directly on the clog, otherwise, the suction efficiency will not be good and in the worst case you will surely come out. with more of a nasty splash than you want to uncover.

Design and aesthetics

Although it may seem silly, the design and aesthetics of your WC is also of utmost importance when selecting a plunger that serves to efficiently unblock the residue that is clogging the pipe, the ideal is that you select a plunger that matches the shape from your toilet bowl.

In the past, almost all toilets were similar so the shape of the plunger fit all, today, with square toilets and in unimaginable shapes you have to ensure a plunger that seals well to the bottom of the bowl.

Grip type

This boils down to a handle that is not only comfortable but also hygienic to use. As you know, when unclogging a toilet, the ideal thing to do is to wear gloves, but if you don’t have any on hand, then you will want to use anything that gives you the least amount of bacteria, therefore, the grip style is essential. The most common are:

Aluminum: It is the most recommended when selecting a handle for the toilet plunger, it is easier to grip, comfortable, and more hygienic, with a good wash it will be free of bacteria.
Plastic: Given its ease of cleaning, plastic is a highly recommended option, mainly because a plunger with a plastic handle will be easy to clean, any splashes or bacteria that adhere to it come out and are eliminated with a deep cleaning.
Wood: I do not recommend it because the wood is porous and textured so that using it repeatedly to unclog the toilet will give you a greater chance of bacteria or dirt adhering to this type of grip.

Hood type

Depending on the shape of the plunger, that is, the hood you use will be easier to use inside the toilet. Those with a flat pacifier are not recommended and those with an accordion will work according to the size of the toilet, those with a cup and adhesion flap, beehive type, are ideal.

Drip tray type

This variety of toilet plunger is one of the most popular because it is hygienic and easy to store, as its name implies, it basically has a drip tray where the plunger is placed once used to drain the water.

Some also have a closure with holes to make it look more hygienic but whose holes are used for the plunger to finish drying.

Build quality

When selecting a good plunger you must take into consideration the quality of the product, the safest thing is that the use that you will give it will be occasional so it will surely last, but if you have constant problems of clogging in the drains it would be better for you to select something of quality. Always looking at the forums and the experiences and opinions of users will give you a fairly clear light of what to expect from a certain manufacturer of this product.

Plunger length

The longer the plunger the easier it will be to apply the force and suction necessary to achieve the plunger.

Resistance to the force and pressure of the blow

This has to do with sealing, a toilet plunger that resists pressure and force is one that will not detach its seal if you apply extra force or pressure because otherwise all the work will be lost, something like this is what you will need.

Efficiency in its use

You will do nothing with a device that does not do the job, something that can achieve the unblocking in a short time and with the minimum of effort is what you need to have at home. Although some unblocks are strong and will take some strength, the important thing is that the selected device is able to cope with the obstruction.

Easy to clean and disinfect

Nobody wants something that is a real hassle to clean after use, materials that allow rapid cleaning and disinfection such as plastics and rubbers without reliefs are ideal.


You will not go bankrupt because you take home a toilet plunger because in fact it is a fairly affordable product, you will find them in the offer with prices that do not exceed € 26 and the least expensive option can have a price lower than € 8.9, so to have one at home and keep your pipes clear you will not need a too large investment that you will have to pay if you hire an expert plumber.

Types of toilet plunger

In the offer, you will find loads of plunger models and their use will depend on the place where you need it. The most popular are:

  • Common sink plunger

It is the traditional type with the characteristic pacifier and a straight wooden handle. It is good for flat drains, but not so for the toilet.

  • Accordion Plunger

They are designed to be used specifically in the toilet. They are not easy to use, but they are effective, they have a small bowl that fits into the drain.

  • WC opener

They have a rubber flap that folds from inside the bowl, this flap is flexible and adapts to any drain. Is the best option.

Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger

How to properly use a toilet plunger

Although it seems simple, using a toilet plunger has its science and, apart from receiving some good tips to unclog, you will need to know a few tricks.

The first thing for efficient use is that the bowl is full of water, you must submerge it gently so that the extra air that may be in the bowl comes out, once this is done and depending on the shape of your toilet drain, you will have to check if orient the handle vertically or at an angle, then start slowly and add force if necessary with a repeated movement of the water back and forth, which will ensure unlocking.

How to clean a toilet plunger

Once the unclogging of your toilet is done, then the next thing is to clean the plunger, for that you can use the same toilet and clean it so that the feces that may have adhered to the product, come out through the same drain that has been uncovered, it is important that While you are cleaning it you will turn it to make sure that all the sides are clean, finally you have to disinfect by adding bleach and rinse the device again.

Can a plunger damage a toilet?

In an effort to dislodge whatever is clogging the toilet, many homeowners get overzealous and thrust too hard downward into the toilet with their plunger. A hard thrust downward can break the wax seal between the toilet and the floor, causing a leak. And a really hard thrust could even crack the bowl.

What is the best tool to unclog a toilet?

Plunger. While this tool might appear basic, it remains the best way of unclogging a toilet. We recommend all households to have this tool and preferably one with a flange because they work best to unblock toilets. When using this tool, you need to place the plunger in the toilet bowl and push it down gently.

Will a toilet eventually unclog itself?

If normal materials like toilet paper and feces clog your toilet, your toilet will eventually unclog itself. It can take as little as an hour for the unclogging to happen or as long as 24 hours.

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