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Border Collie Dogs & Puppies For Sale in the UK and Ireland 2022

Border Collie Dogs

Border Collie Dogs & Puppies For Sale in the UK and Ireland 2022

This is a medium, strong-boned dog, slightly longer than tall, combining grace, agility, substance, and endurance. The Border Collie’s trot is smooth, covers the ground and tireless, it moves with stealth and strength.

They can suddenly change speed and direction. This breed can show incredible agility even after working for long periods. The coat can be smooth or rough.

The smooth coat is short all over the body; the rough coat is medium to long in length and flat to slightly wavy in texture. The BC’s expression is intelligent, alert, anxious and full of interest, a reflection of his temperament.

History And Origin Of Border Collie

The consummate sheepdog, the Border Collie is the result of over a century of breeding for a role above all other criteria. In the 1800s, a variety of sheep herding dogs with different herding styles existed in Britain. Some were “fetching” dogs, dogs that had an innate tendency to surround the sheep and lead them back to the shepherd. Most of these were noisy dogs, which tended to bite and bark while doing their job.

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Boasting of the superiority of certain dogs were natural; in 1873 the first royal trial with sheepdogs was held to resolve some of these boasts.

This contest would indirectly lead the first Border Collies, through a dog named Hemp, so distinguished in the tests. He led not by barking and biting, but by calmly looking at the sheep (“giving an eye”), intimidating them into moving. Hemp is considered to be the father of the Border Collie.

Border Collie Dogs & Puppies For Sale in the UK and Ireland 2022

In 1906, the first standard was developed, but unlike the physical standards of most breeds, it was a description of work ability, without regard to physical appearance. This emphasis has shaped the breed ever since. In fact, dogs were still referred to simply as sheepdogs; It was only in 1915 that the name Border Collie was first recorded, referring to the dog’s origin around the English and Scottish borders.

Border Collies came to America and instantly dazzled serious shepherds with their quick herding ability and obedience. In fact, the latter opened a new door for the breed as one of the top competitive breeds in obedience testing.

Having worked hard to earn a reputation as one of the most intelligent dog breeds, a breed that is not marred by cosmetic emphasis, many Border Collie fans actively fought for AKC recognition as a show dog. In 1995, however, the AKC officially recognized the breed.

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Temperament Of Border Collie

The Border Collie is a pack of physical and mental energy waiting for the opportunity to be released into the world. Among the most intelligent and obedient breeds, the BC is, however, a disastrous family member if not given a challenging job every day.

With enough exercise, they are reliable and loyal companions. They are focused on everything they do and tend to stare, which can be disconcerting to other animals. They also like to chase other animals. They are reserved, even protective, with strangers. Without a job, BC can be destructive and can develop harmful and compulsive habits.


Border Collies are always ready to work, attentive, lively, and alert. They will form a very close bond with their owner and family but, unless given plenty of time and exercise, they are not ideal pets for a family with very young children as it is in their nature to herd anything that moves, including their children.

Border Collie Dogs & Puppies For Sale in the UK and Ireland 2022
Border Collie For Sale

If they are not kept physically and mentally stimulated, they will get bored, develop behavior problems, or get into mischief, as their brains are always active.

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The Border Collie is a very hardy breed, generally with few health problems. However, as with many breeds, they can suffer from inherited eye disorders and hip dysplasia (a condition that can lead to mobility problems). Therefore, eye testing and hip scoring of dogs prior to breeding are important. Epilepsy is also relatively common in the breed.


With his need to be busy and his great desire to please, the Border Collie thrives on training, which is a great way to exercise his mind and body. They are like a godsend for those who want to compete in obedience/agility/flyball/freestyle/herding events.

Failure to exercise them can result in the Border developing behavior problems or making it difficult to coexist with them. For an adult, it takes more than two hours of daily exercise, along with mental stimulation.


Your dog’s diet should have the proper balance of all the major nutrient groups, including a constant supply of fresh water. It is also important to take regular body condition scores to ensure you keep your dog in ideal shape and to remember to feed him at least twice a day and according to the feeding guidelines for his particular food.

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In both the medium length and soft varieties, the top coat is dense and the undercoat thick and smooth. With the longer hair coat, there is a noticeable mane around the neck and shoulders.

The coat is easy to maintain, as long as it is brushed a few times a week for the medium variety and once a week for the soft variety, and tangles are resolved regularly.

Border Collie Dogs & Puppies For Sale in the UK and Ireland 2022
Border Collie For Sale

Frequently Asked Questions: Border Collie

Do Border Collies Bark A Lot?

Border collies are known for barking a lot and they generally like to be heard. They will often bark when they are hungry, excited, bored, playful, lonely, or in need of their owner’s attention. Thankfully, border collies are intelligent dogs and they can be trained to bark less.

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Border collies, like most sheepdogs, are highly astute and communicative canines. These dogs can make excellent pets but not without the right home environment and training. This breed loves nothing more than keeping busy, and an owner must make provision for this.

Is Border Collie the smartest dog?

The border collie is often considered the smartest of all dogs and the standout in the canine world. Originally bred as a sheepdog, Border Collies can do just about any job you give them.

Extremely energetic, athletic and motivated, they are always ready to learn something new. In fact, if you don’t keep them constantly moving and working, they may start to be destructive in the home.

Do Collies shed a lot?

One of the most common questions people have about Collies is about their hair: Yes, Collies do shed. “If you love a collie, you should be prepared to groom it yourself or take it to the groomer once or twice a month,” says Royds. Suggest weekly brushing, bathing, and brushing once a month. “The most polished brush is going to be your best friend!”

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