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7 Double Sleeping Bag For Backpacking, Camping, 2 Pillows, Waterproof Reviews 2022

Double Sleeping Bag

Double Sleeping Bag For Backpacking, Camping, 2 Pillows, Waterproof Reviews 2022

You are going to go camping with the family and you have everything prepared, from the children’s sleeping bag , perfect for the little ones in the house, to the hiking equipment to travel different routes together, but, when it comes time to sleep with your partners, you have to do it in separate bags, which is not too crazy.

If you have had this problem, like me, you will not have to worry, since there is the best double sleeping bag in which two people will be comfortable all night, in addition, they will take up less space than several individual bags .

A camping trip to the mountains cannot be complete without good bags that keep you warm and protected from low temperatures and, if you are thinking of buying a double model, it is important that you keep the material with which it is made present, in addition to another series of factors that you should know.

double sleeping bag will be perfect for you to share as a couple when camping and, luckily for all of us who are enthusiastic about outdoor activities, there is a wide variety of options on the market to choose from, so It will be easy to find a good quality model that is affordable .


Best Double Sleeping Bags

1Ohuhu Huge Double Sleeping Bag with 2 …No reviewsSEE PRICE ON AMAZON
2Where Tomorrow Double Sleeping Bag 4 …No reviewsSEE PRICE ON AMAZON
3Bessport Double Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Bag …No reviewsSEE PRICE ON AMAZON
4TOM SHOO Double Adult Sleeping Bag …No reviewsSEE PRICE ON AMAZON
5Coleman Double Festival Sleeping Bag, …No reviewsSEE PRICE ON AMAZON
6Unbekannt Hudson Coleman – Sack of …No reviewsSEE PRICE ON AMAZON
7Coleman Campingaz 205140 Sleeping Bag, …No reviewsSEE PRICE ON AMAZON

Here are  the best double sleeping bags:

1. Double sleeping bag for hiking IREGRO

With 12 months warranty

If you like the comfort and the feeling of feeling warm when sleeping with your partner every time you camp in the mountains or on the beach, I am going to suggest the double sleeping bags of the people of Irego, who have manufactured a product of High quality assembled by hand and in which they have used waterproof 190T polyester, which allows you to be calm in environments that oscillate between -10 ℃ ~ 0 ℃ ~ 15 ℃. Its model is designed for you to use it in a large queen size or two individual bags of 220 x 150 cm.

2. KINGCAMP OXYGEN attachable sleeping bags 

You can join 2 bags in 1!

KingCamp Sleeping Bag with envelope ...

KingCamp Sleeping Bag with envelope …SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

When you enjoy spending the night under the stars, it is better that you are prepared with a soft sleeping bag that is spacious enough so that you can be in the company of your partner. Thinking about it, the house of camping equipment KingCamp offers us a bag so that you can sleep comfortably both in a hot summer and in a cold winter, since its external structure is made of 190T polyester, making it resistant to humidity, while conducive correct isolation from other external elements; its system allows you to join 2 blankets in 1 and is available in various colors.

3. Coleman Campingaz Hampton

Warm, comfortable and portable OFFER

Coleman Campingaz 205140 Sleeping Bag, ...

Coleman Campingaz 205140 Sleeping Bag, …SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

A jacket made with a combination of polyester and cotton that will provide you with the greatest possible comfort, in addition to keeping you warm in low temperatures, since it has internal insulation that provides greater warmth.

Despite being a double bag, you will not have a big problem in carrying it in your luggage, since it weighs only 4 kilos, being portable and of excellent quality construction, with zippers that will last a long time.

4. Fundango


FUNDANGO Huge Double Sleeping Bag ...


A large rectangular bag that can sleep two to four people, making it perfect for family camping outings, especially in winter , as it is ideal for use in cold conditions.

It has a waterproof material coating, so it will keep you protected from the rain and, the best thing about it is its versatility, since it can be used as two bags.

5. Sportneer

Lightweight and practical to pack

Sportneer -18 ° C / 0 ° F Sleeping Bag, …SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

Among the best that you will find in the comparison is this sleeping bag for adults that you can easily carry between your luggage for a camping trip, since it is ultralight and has its own bag where you can easily store it.

With this double bag you will not have to worry about the cold, since inside it has a double layer that will keep the internal temperature pleasant and warm.

6. Active Era

Larger than a queen bed OFFER

Active Era Double Sleeping Bag.  I know...

Active Era Double Sleeping Bag. I know…SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

If you are looking for a less expensive double bag, this one from the Active Era brand will enchant you, it is made with very resistant materials that will guarantee its high quality through use and time.

This is an extra large bag that has a very warm filling, especially to keep you warm in temperatures down to -5 ° C, it can easily be transformed into two bags for individual use and it has compartments for you to store your belongings.


Includes pillows

TOMSHOO Double Adult Sleeping Bag ...

TOMSHOO Double Adult Sleeping Bag …SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

A double bag recommended for having a high quality and also for being the cheapest you will find, its materials are resistant and durable, they will offer you nights of rest without having to worry about the space shared with someone else, since it has a special size so that you are comfortable in the company of another person.

Its holofiber filling means that this bag can be used for summer , autumn and winter.

Buying Guide: Best Double Sleeping Bags

  • Refine by brand
  • Coleman
  • Kelty
  • The North Face
  • Big Agnes
  • TETON Sports
  • Marmot
  • Sierra Designs

Images for Double Sleeping Bag

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  • tango duo
  • north facekelty tru
  • feathered friendsnemo tango
  • dream island
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  • bedcomfort doublewide
  • air mattress
  • king solomon
  • dolomite

Why choose a double sleeping bag?

Either because you want to have more space when sleeping alone while camping or you want to be comfortable sharing your bag with another person, double bags are your best option in these scenarios, since they give you enough space so that you can move freely during the game. evening.


These have a lot of benefits that you will start to enjoy from the first moment you use them, but, if you are one of those who prefer to sleep alone and do not need too much space, a mummy or individual bag will be perfect for you.

Temperature ranges for sleeping bags

One of the factors that you should consider when choosing a double sleeping bag is at what temperatures it can be used, since depending on the model you may find that some will be more resistant to cold than others, being able to withstand up to -20 degrees in the conditions more extreme.

On the other hand, you can also find models that are suitable for other seasons such as summer and autumn, whose fillings will not provide as much heat as in the case of bags to face low temperatures.

Stuffing of sleeping bags

And speaking of fillings, this is a factor that you should take into account separately, since it is the best way to know how hot the inside of the bag will be.

When it comes to fillers, there are different materials used to provide warmth, from feathers to holofiber and they fall into two categories:

Synthetic filling:

This will be your most economical option, it is, as its name indicates, a synthetic or man-made material, and can generally be fiber.

This material will keep you warm in cold weather, it is very easy to wash and dries quickly.

Natural filling:

On the other hand, you can also find natural fillings, made from the feathers of different animals, these need more care when washing them and take a little longer to dry, but they are much more durable than synthetic fillings and provide great heat. .


How to choose the best double sleeping bag

When it is time to choose the best double bag to carry on your camping trips, it is necessary that, as we have already mentioned, you take into account different factors and additional characteristics to those that we have already mentioned throughout the article, being the most important are the following:


When you go on an adventure to nature, the least you want is to carry too much weight, especially if you plan to go trekking or have to travel long trails to get to the place where you plan to camp, therefore, it is necessary that the bag you choose is not too much large, but the perfect size for two to sleep comfortably.


Like the padding, you cannot ignore the material of the sleeping bags, since their durability depends largely on this factor.

Choose durable and resistant materials that are able to withstand rain, sun and other elements of the weather that could easily damage it.


Your comfort will always be the most important thing, so it is necessary that you put it as a decisive factor when choosing your new double sleeping bag.

Check different reviews from other users, in addition to the key characteristics that every sleeping bag must have, in this way you can find the model that suits the tastes and preferences of you and your companions.


So that you take care of your investment and you do not have to change your sleeping bag for just a few uses, you should look for a bag that is durable, made with the best materials.


Temperature range:

Do you want a bag for the summer or for colder climates? It is very important that you take into account how many degrees you can use your new jacket, in this way you will choose and use one that is appropriate for each season.

Compact design:

To make it much easier to pack, the bag needs to be foldable to a compact size.


Like the size, the weight is one of the factors that you must consider, it must be light to be able to travel comfortably when transporting the sleeping bag.

What are the advantages of double sleeping bags?

A double sleeping bag will be able to provide you with different benefits, such as greater resistance to cold, less space occupied between your luggage by not having to carry several bags at the same time and they are much easier to clean, since just washing them and dry them they will be ready for a new use.

Single bags Vs. Double bags

If you have any doubt about which bag is the one that best suits you, you have to define what your needs are, since, if you need space, a double bag will be the best option, but you should consider that, to use them alone, a bag of Double sleeping will not give you the same protection against the cold as a single one.

Double sleeping bags, for the most part, do not have the hood that individual models usually have, so your heads will be more exposed to the cold.


Can a double sack be washed in the washing machine?

This will depend on the model of your sleeping bag, since there are bags that have a spiral in their center that, when washed in the washing machine, will end up destroying them, since it will expose all their filling, leaving them unusable.

As long as the bag does not have these spirals, you can use the washing machine to clean it, without washing clothes at the same time and always in a delicate cycle.

What about the dryer?

The most recommended thing is that you let your sleeping bags dry in the open air, but, if you want an express drying, you can use the dryer, as long as you follow some tricks so that the bag is not unusable.

So that the filling is not isolated in one place and continues to be well distributed inside the bag, it is recommended to dry it with tennis shoes or shoes in the dryer, in this way the filling will remain dispersed.

Additional parts of sleeping bags

In addition to the essential characteristics that every sleeping bag has, you can find models that have the following:

Outer layer and cover:

If you want extra protection from the cold, you can opt for sleeping bags that have an outer layer made of different materials such as nylon, as well as a cover that will keep you warm.


A hood is the perfect way to keep your head warm in low temperatures, many models of double bags do not have this accessory, but you can find options that do.


A highly functional accessory in these sleeping bags are the pockets, as they allow you to keep your mobile phone, music player and even a tablet close at hand in larger compartments.

Side pad:

To prevent you from getting out of the sleeping bag, many models have a pad on their sides, perfect for padding and making you more comfortable.


Pillow pocket:

To save space, many double bags have pockets that you can stuff with clothes and other items to create a pillow.

Sleeping Bag Accessories

To make the most of your double sleeping bag, you can also make use of highly functional accessories, such as:

Bag to transport the sack:

These are portable and compact bags in which you can carry your sleeping bag, in this way transporting it will be much easier.

Bag to store the sack:

A well-stored sleeping bag will last much longer, therefore, it is recommended that you have a good bag of resistant materials in which to store it, to avoid that dust, humidity and other elements can end up damaging it.


Sleeping bag sheet:

In situations where it is very cold, you will need more than the heat that the sleeping bag will give you and for this there are special sheets for use with these bags, providing additional heat.

These are also very versatile, since they can be used alone in warmer climates.

Los Mejores Sacos Para Dormir Dobles

Double Sleeping Bag
Double Sleeping Bag
1Ohuhu Saco de Dormir Doble Enorme con 2…Ver precio en Amazon
2Bessport Saco de Dormir DobleSaco de…Ver precio en Amazon
3TOM SHOO Saco de Dormir Doble Adulto…Ver precio en Amazon
4Bessport Saco de Dormir DobleSaco de…Ver precio en Amazon

Is a double sleeping bag worth it?

The trick with double sleeping bags is that they can’t be divided up among backpackers to distribute weight and bulk. Thus, most double sleeping bags are best suited for car camping. … With synthetic Thermolite Extra insulation and burly fabrics, this bag is weighty at nearly 9.5 pounds: fine for car camping


Can you put two sleeping bags together?

To connect two rectangular sleeping bags, open both sleeping bags completely, unfold the bags to double their size and lay one on top of the other, lining to lining, and zip together from the middle of the foot of the sleeping bags around the perimeter of the joined bags and voila! You have a double wide sleeping bag.

Is it warmer to zip two sleeping bags together?

In cold weather, don’t zip sleeping bags together.
Cold air will rush in through the opening. One person in a single bag will stay much warmer than two people in a double bag. You can try stuffing clothing in the opening, but you’ll be cold anyway.

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