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Guinea Pigs For Sale In the UK and Ireland 2022

Guinea Pigs For Sale

Guinea Pigs For Sale: Rehome Buy and Sell In the UK and Ireland

Guinea pigs make excellent pets. They live for several years, so you can enjoy them longer than most other rodents. They have different personalities and are very vocal, making it easy to understand their individual identities and attachment. They are fun to play with and very entertaining. I recommend guinea pigs as pets for anyone, especially as a child’s first pet.

There are three types of guinea pigs: the domestic shorthair, the Abyssinian, which appears to have unkempt and unkempt hair, and the Peruvian, which has long, silky hair.

Guinea pigs should be housed in large, solid-bottom cages with ample bedding, such as timothy hay or corncob chips. A cage should be large enough for them to run and play. They also like a hut or hutch in which they can hide.

Choosing a Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs come in many varieties from different parts of the world. Some have short, straight hair, like the English or Bolivian breeds, and some have very long hair, like the Peruvian pigs. Rough-haired breeds can be quite cute and easy to care for. Kids like the fluffy bits of rough-haired cowards.

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Tortoiseshell guinea pigs have black, brown and white fur on their bodies, while Golden and Cinnamon Agoutis are a warm pepper gray, reminiscent of their wild guinea pig cousins. One-color cavies are called Selfs, as in Self Blacks, Self Whites, and Self Chocolates.

It doesn’t matter which color you choose as they are all adorable, but what matters is the length of the hair. Peruvian long-haired pets require more care than short-haired or coarse-haired cavies, as the hair needs more maintenance and attention to keep it free of pests and knots.

Feeding: What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

By nature, cavies are grazing animals and in nature they live on the leaves, stems and seeds of grasses and their associated plants. In captivity, guinea pigs like to eat fresh green grass, hay, fresh fruits and vegetables, and cereals for their staple diet.

For the most basic diet, consider using a free-range hutch to allow your pet to eat as much grass as possible. When bringing your cavy indoors, provide a small bowl of one of the following: oatmeal with honey, shredded oats, guinea pig balls (but not rabbit balls), cavy grain mix, whole wheat bread or bran ( mixed in a puree with milk or water).

You can buy any of these at a local food store or pet store. Oatmeal with honey is the best to stimulate a healthy appetite. Granules are often used as a last resort.

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Fresh Veggies And Fruits

The kinds of fruits and vegetables cavies like to eat include apples, carrots, lettuce, corn on the cob, celery leaves, spinach, silverbeat, cabbage, orange rinds, grapefruit rinds and tomatoes. Serve crunchy fruits and vegetables that you would eat yourself-no slimy brown edges or any rotten foods.

Guinea pigs are individual animals regarding diet, and some will like tomatoes and some will turn up their nose at them! For this reason, to ensure they get a good amount of Vitamin C, fussy eaters might like occasional orange or tomato juice mixed into their water.


Your pets will require water at all times, in both outdoor and indoor cages. Pet shops sell water dispensers or you can make your own out of a small, empty soft drink bottle, a piece of wire, a rubber cork and a metal tube with a round ball wedged in it.

Attach the dispenser to a cage by allowing the metal tube into the cage while keeping the bottle outside it (propped up with wire). The cavy licks the metal ball and moves it around in the metal tube, allowing water to flow out in small amounts. Check water dispensers daily to make sure they have enough to drink.

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Food Recipe

Mix the following to create a delicious guinea pig food that can be used every day for a healthy diet (alongside fruit, vegetables and grass):

  • Brown and green hay
  • Layer pellets
  • Cracked oat seeds
  • Wheat
  • Cracked barley
  • Golden syrup or molasses (in moderation, since a diet too rich in sugar can lead to intestinal problems)

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Housing And Cages

Weather permitting, guinea pigs like to be indoors and outdoors. They usually graze in an outdoor cage most of the day and prefer an indoor cage when the weather is cold or stormy and also every night.

Indoor Cages

These come in a variety of styles. The main features to look for include:

  • Being able to add a water dispenser
  • Adequate air ventilation
  • Having enough room for each animal
  • Convenience in being able to clean out the floor of the cage

Many people use large plastic containers with a homemade or store-bought grill on top (or a wood-framed lid with wire in the center) so they can breathe.

Drill a hole for the water dispenser tube in the side and attach the water bottle to the outside of the wire cage. Place sawdust, sand, or newspaper on the floor of the cage to absorb urine and droppings. Next, put food bowls in the cage and a handful of hay as a bedding.

Outdoor Cages

These are often referred to as “open air races” and “open air booths”. These cages typically have four walls and a roof, but no floor, allowing guinea pigs to eat the grass and fertilize the lawn with their droppings. A water dispenser must be attached, but no food containers are needed with the outdoor cage. A lift cap that allows you to get your pet into the cage without escaping is a good idea.

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Since predators such as birds, cats, foxes, and dogs can look at the cage, make sure it is a heavy cage or that it is secured to the ground with tent pegs. It is essential that there is a place for the coward to hide; You can have a homemade box with a door, or cut an entry into a pot upside down for each animal.

Allowing them to hide from predators is very important, as they can scare themselves to death if they don’t protect themselves. For this purpose, some cages also have solid sides; not all cage walls need to be mesh or chicken wire.

Guinea Pigs

Cleaning Cages

Clean the inner cage at least once a week, or even more often. Simply remove the cavy, scrape the mess from the bottom of the cage into a container, and replace the sawdust, newspaper, or sand. When the cage has been cleaned for a few weeks, the urine may smell a little. Just wash the cage and let it dry when you clean it to get rid of this.

Outdoor cages shouldn’t need cleaning, except if you have a hutch or shelter with a floor.

Guinea Pig Care and Grooming

Guinea pigs don’t need to bathe a lot, but in hot weather, a cold bath can make your pet much more comfortable. Bathe in a shallow bowl; while they can swim, they get scared and scared doing it. Be prepared to hold your pet as he kicks and splashes in the water, he doesn’t like baths! Next, wrap the wet rabbit in a warm towel to dry its fur.

You can apply medical shampoos when your pet bathes, but it’s best to apply as little as possible and avoid washing them with chemicals just to make them smell good.

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Trim their toenails every month with a pair of nail clippers. If you have a long-haired cat, brush your hair with a brush or comb regularly to avoid knots and burrs. Trim matted patches if they can’t be brushed off.

Pregnancy And Breeding

All children learn that if you put a male and female guinea pig together, you get a lot of excitement and noises on a regular basis. However, females are notoriously fertile and can become pregnant at 12 weeks of age, producing 5 litters per year for an average of 2 years. Each litter can have 1 to 4 babies.

If you’re up for large families, by all means, go ahead and try a breeding program. It’s so much fun to see what mixed varieties and colors they can produce – anything from albino to jagged tortoise shells will blow you away!

However, if you want to keep your guinea pig herd in a personal pet herd, consider keeping males and females constantly separated in indoor and outdoor cages. And don’t trust that your children won’t mix males and females when you’re not there; They will do this because the males make interesting sounds to the females and they will want to see what happens next.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Guinea Pigs For Sale

Do guinea pigs bite?

Guinea pigs are docile animals and rarely bite without cause. They tend to ‘talk’ about their owners while loaded, just to see if you’re edible! However, these are not hard bites and they do not hurt. It is not aggression, just curiosity.

Guinea pigs only use their teeth aggressively if they feel threatened; they are your only means of defense. If your pet really bites you, it is because he is afraid of you.

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Guinea Pigs

How much do guinea pigs cost monthly?

Guinea pigs can be a lot more expensive than you imagined. Although they are small, their food is not especially cheap and, like rabbits, they will need a regular supply of bedding and hay.

Between bedding, hay, pellets, and fresh produce, you’re looking for $40-$60 in monthly costs. In addition, they will need a daily vitamin C supplement, which is not a big expense, but something you should be aware of.

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Oh, and guinea pigs are social animals, so you really can’t get one (a pair of same-sex guinea pigs is the recommended setting).

Is It Normal For Guinea Pigs To Smell?

Because they are so good at cleaning themselves, it is unusual for guinea pigs to smell. But if you are picking up a strong odor from their cavies, it may be that you need to clean your cage or hutch more often. Also, the more guinea pigs you have, the more regularly you will need to clean and thoroughly clean their enclosure.

That said, if you notice that your guinea pig is actually giving off an odor, it may be because of its age, weight, dental problems, or because it is sick. Guinea pigs over the age of five are considered older and will need help in the cleaning department.

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