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Ragdoll Cats For Sale: Information & Characteristics 2022

Ragdoll Cats For Sale

Ragdoll Cats For Sale: Information & Characteristics 2022

If you are looking for a large, affectionate cat that can be carried away, look no further than the Ragdoll cat. These cats simply relax with pleasure when you pet them, giving them their name.

This breed of cat is one of the largest around, but don’t let that intimidate you. Their big blue eyes and loud, throaty purr let you know that these cats are big squishies. This cat is notoriously sociable, making it a good choice for busy, busy homes.

Origin And History Of Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls are a very young breed of cat, since their origins date back to the 60s. The founder and first breeder of ragdolls was Ann Baker, a Californian lover of cats. She started a breeding line with the help of a male from a litter of an angora-like cat and females whose origin is unknown.

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This male Ann Baker started breeding with must have resembled today’s ragdolls: large, with semi-long hair and beautiful blue eyes. The breeder named this breed “ragdoll”, which in English means “rag doll.”

Ragdoll Cats For Sale: Information & Characteristics 2022
Ragdoll Cats For Sale

He chose this name because his cats relaxed completely when he held them in his arms, as if it were a real rag doll. This is definitely a very apt name for this calm cat!

As is often the case in breeder circles, problems arose here as well. When Ann Baker patented the name “ragdoll” and obtained the rights for each animal of her breed, many breeders broke away from the original line of these cats and turned the ragdoll breed into what it is today.

The ragdoll is not only a very young breed, but also the first ever to be patented.

Character – Ragdoll Cats For Sale

Ragdoll lovers are not only attracted to their exceptional looks and large blue eyes.

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Cats of this breed are very sociable. They are meek and affable, peaceful and curious, but most of all, cuddly and playful, and they love to follow their owners everywhere. For this reason, many breeders describe them as “cat-shaped dogs.”

Ragdolls give themselves fully to their human family, but it is highly recommended that they have a feline playmate. Cats have long been considered solitary animals, but more sociable breeds like the ragdoll appreciate living with another feline.

These tame animals are also well adapted to home life, even better if the home has a properly secured balcony or window with bars. However, if the cat does not leave the house, try to keep it physically and mentally busy.

This means that you have to spend time playing with your ragdoll. A suitable environment for these cats includes numerous possibilities for hiding, resting, playing and exploring. In addition, the ideal home for them should not be too large.

Ingenious climbing spaces, such as a tall scratching post or window hammock, can be set up to give the cat a “third dimension” that it can use at its leisure to nap, observe the surroundings, climb or play.

Appearance – Ragdoll Cats For Sale

The ragdoll is a large cat, with a broad chest, a muscular body and a stocky appearance. It stands out, above all, for its soft, medium-length, silky coat with little undercoat, so it remains close to the body.

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Ragdoll Cats For Sale: Information & Characteristics 2022

This gives them a cuddly look that is enhanced by the ruff they often have. The head of the ragdoll is of medium size and wedge shaped, and on it are rounded and well separated ears.

The back legs are slightly longer than the front legs, creating the impression of a slightly sloping line. The females of this medium breed of cats can weigh 6.5 kg, while the males can reach 9.5 kg. They can have a height at the withers of up to 40 cm and a length of up to 1.20 m from the nose to the tip of the tail.

The large, oval and bright blue eyes are a characteristic feature of the ragdoll, as well as their special coloration that, like the Siamese, categorizes them as point cats. The natural color of their hair only appears on some extremities of the body, such as the muzzle, ears, legs and tail.

For genetic reasons, the base color or the one that defines the cat is only evident in the coldest parts of the body, that is, in the points . White covers the coloration in the central part of the body. Any coat color can appear as a color point.

Various colors are supported on ragdoll: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, and more recently red and cream as well.

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Breeding – Ragdoll Cats For Sale

This breed is known for being neither troublesome nor complicated. However, all living things are predisposed to certain inherited diseases, which are reinforced by crossing online. Unfortunately, the ragdoll is no exception.

Although the ragdoll is generally a robust and healthy animal, it is prone to bladder stones and a heart disease known as “hypertrophic cardiomyopathy” (HCM). This is the most common heart disease in cats; It is caused by the thickening of the heart muscle and can be diagnosed by an ultrasound of the heart. 

There is also a genetic test to detect HCM so that responsible breeders can exclude sick animals from breeding. Still, there are no guarantees that a litter is not predisposed to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Therefore, each breeder should carry out veterinary tests on their animals at an early age to rule out the possible transmission of this disease to the offspring.

Feeding – Ragdoll Cats For Sale

Being large breed cats, Ragdolls go through many phases of intense growth. Therefore, an adequate and high-quality diet is essential to raise a healthy cat. During their development, the ragdoll should eat on demand, especially considering that they only reach adulthood at 4 years. Then you can optimize the amount of food to prevent overweight.

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Ragdoll Cats For Sale

It makes no difference whether you go for raw food, whether you cook the food yourself, or whether you choose the high-quality cat food found on the market: the right diet for your radgoll should be high in protein of the best quality. Wet food should be the main choice for animals predisposed to kidney and bladder stones, due to its high moisture content.

Care – Ragdoll Cats For Sale

Ragdoll semi-long hair is easy to care for because it has little undercoat. To make weekly grooming even easier, you should get your cat used to brushing and combing from an early age. At first, you can offer him a snack during and after brushing to help him lose his fear. But being such sociable and cuddly animals, few ragdolls have trouble being petted and groomed. Rather, the opposite occurs, since these cats enjoy the most when caring for their fur.

Despite regular brushing and combing, many loose hairs end up in the cat’s digestive tract. For this reason, during shedding you can help your ragdoll to naturally expel the ingested hairs by offering cat grass or supplementing its diet with snacks or malt paste. These little aids are especially suitable for cats prone to constipation.

Ragdolls are fantastic animals and very attached to humans that they conquer because of their stuffed appearance and their uncomplicated character. We wish you and your ragdoll cat all the best!

Common Health Problems – Ragdoll Cats For Sale

All breeds have the potential for genetic health problems – even mixed breed animals can get genetic diseases! It is important to know what your chosen breed is prone to so that you can ask a breeder about the proper tests. Avoid any breeder who insists that their kittens do not need health tests or sanitary guarantees.

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Like many large breed cats, Ragdolls are prone to weight problems. Feeding your cat puzzle toys and handing out his daily food can help keep him fit and fit. It is also important that your cat plays regularly to control its weight. While “fluffy” fat cats can be cute, they are unhealthy!

Purebred Ragdolls don’t have a lot of genetic diversity. They are vulnerable to bladder stones and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Bladder stones are painful and can lead to cat litter box problems. You can help your kitty avoid bladder stones and other urinary infections by encouraging her to drink plenty of fresh water and feeding her high-quality food.

Ragdoll Cats For Sale: Information & Characteristics 2022
Ragdoll Cats For Sale

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is more difficult to avoid because it is genetic. HCM is a heart disease that causes the heart muscle to thicken. A cardiogram can help diagnose the problem, but only after the cat has developed HCM. Genetic testing can also help breeders avoid breeding cats with HCM, but it is always a risk.

Frequently Asked Questions: Ragdoll Cats For Sale

What is the personality of a ragdoll cat? – Ragdoll Cats For Sale

The ragdoll’s personality is smart, gentle, and super affectionate. These kind kitties love and crave human attention, but they’re rarely demanding. Ragdolls are extremely loyal and devoted to their people, making them wonderful companion pets. When it comes to noise, you might not hear much from these quiet cats.

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Are Ragdoll cats indoor cats? – Ragdoll Cats For Sale

Ragdolls are happy to live as indoor-only pets, but if you can let them out, try to cat-proof your garden as this breed isn’t very road-savvy.

What makes Ragdoll cats different? – Ragdoll Cats For Sale

Coat Color And Grooming

Ragdolls stand out for their large size, semi-long coat in a pointed pattern, and sparkling blue eyes. They are among the largest of the domesticated cats, with some males weighing in at 20 pounds or more. A Ragdoll has a light-colored body with a darker face, legs, tail and ears.

Is it better to get a male or female Ragdoll cat? – Ragdoll Cats For Sale

Males are usually bigger, which is what a lot of pet owners are looking for in a Ragdoll cat. Females might have fewer issues with UTIs and blockage than males. While some believe that male cats have better temperaments than females, many owners find that there isn’t much difference once they are altered.

Ragdoll Cats For Sale: Information & Characteristics 2022
Ragdoll Cats For Sale

Are Ragdolls high maintenance? – Ragdoll Cats For Sale

Ragdolls are known for their beautiful, silky coats – which also means they are quite high maintenance when it comes to brushing and grooming. Because they are semi-longhaired, their coats can get tangled and knotted and so they need to be groomed frequently with a steel comb or brush.

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